AGA to Work with New President for Industry Progress

The American Gaming AssociationThe American Gaming Association has announced they will be working with new President Donald Trump in an attempt to better the progress of the gambling industry.

The gaming industry in the United States has come a long way over the past few years. More states are passing regulation to offer casino gaming while others are expanding upon their already existing offerings. There are many casinos located across the United States where players can enjoy their favorite casino games such as blackjack, poker, roulette, slots and more. In the United States, the American Gaming Association is a group that helps to support the industry in any way possible. The AGA recently announced that they plan on working with the administration of the new president Donald Trump to help further the progress of the gambling industry.

A New Era in Congress

The American Gaming Association President & Chief Executive Geoff Freeman issued a statement recently to outline the group’s intent on working with the new president. Freeman believes that the presidency of Trump will mark the dawn of a new era in Congress and the AGA will work to improve the gambling industry and provide for stakeholders along the way.

Trump is set to take over the Whitehouse in January and there are mixed reviews as to how the new president will affect the gambling industry. The AGA plans on leveraging their extensive network of supporters to promote polices favorable to the public as well as businesses for the gambling sector of the United States to be revised by Congress.

Freeman is optimistic that the administration under Trump will be significantly more restrained than what has been experienced in the industry over the last eight years. Stakeholders of the AGA will now be pushing for promotion of commercial and civic benefits for the gambling sector in the United States to the wider USA, with the association expecting to gain important victories for the stakeholders US wide over the coming years.

Specific Areas of Focus

The American Gaming Association plans on having specific areas of focus to work on with their new relationship with the Trump administration. To begin, the AGA will be advocating for policies involving pro-business that will promote reinvestment as well as growth. The American Gaming Association will also be in support of economic policies that will provide consumers with more confidence and discretionary income.

To group plans on continuing encouragement for a welcoming environment to foreign visitors as many are interested in an experience with casino gaming. Relationships will be cultivated with new members of Congress that will include education for members on the subject of gaming in regards to the positive impact on the community as well as the economy. The AGA also plans to advance a pro-gaming agenda that will include the repeal of a federal ban that failed on sports betting outside the state of Nevada.

Does Trump Care?

Trump has talked about many things during his campaign for presidency, the least of which was gaming. The Trump name is synonymous with gaming as he has been associated with casinos in the past but did not use his past dealings during the campaign. The soon to be president has not taken a real stance on any subject of gaming, be it federally allowing sports betting or online gambling within the United States. One could imagine that this topic will come up but for now, remains to be seen.

The AGA seems to be ready to deal with progressing the gaming industry in the states and it will be interesting to see if Trump is on board and if real changes will become a reality.