AGA Shows Support for Mobile Sports Betting in US

American Gaming AssociationThe American Gaming Association has shown support for sports betting in the US yet remains quiet on the subject of iGaming.

Sports betting is being highly considered across the United States, particularly after the US Supreme Court has deemed the option legal in every state across the nation. Lawmakers of every state are looking at the option, hoping to use sports betting as a way to bring in revenues. The American Gaming Association is a group that continues to show support for gambling in the states, having become vocal on the subject of sports betting. The AGA recently announced their support for legalized and regulated sports betting, even approving of mobile wagering.

While the AGA is agreeable to sports betting, they have yet to state anything involving online gaming, like casino or poker. Before sports betting became the hot topic of debate, the focus was on online casino and poker legislation. However, the AGA did not provide their insight into the activity, yet they are readily open to talking about sports betting.

AGA Approved

When it comes to sports betting, the AGA sent a letter to the federal government which discussed the activity. The AGA wrote that after the US Supreme Court decision involving the sports betting ban, the casino gaming industry has decided to create the most secure and successful sports betting system in the world. The AGA and the gaming industry will be working with stakeholders who share their commitment to eliminate the illegal gaming market, as sports betting expands with a regulated environment.

The AGA has a few priorities that top the list when it comes to creating a quality sports betting environment in the United States. One focus will be intrastate mobile wagering. Because mobiles are used by consumers on a daily basis, it only makes sense that the sports betting industry will look to offer wagering via mobile as well as via land-based venues.

In Nevada, sports betting has been available for many years in a legalized setting. When it comes to mobile wagering on sports in the state, Nevada has seen around 50% of sports wagers placed on mobile devices. However, it is odd to note that the AGA is supportive of mobile sports wagering but they have yet to take up a position on the subject of online casino and poker gaming.

Will Support Be Provided for Online Gaming?

So why is the AGA so pro-sports betting but basically not for or against online gambling? In the past, the AGA had a leader that was opposed to the legalization of online gambling. When Frank Fahrenkopf was with the AGA, online gaming was not even on the radar. However, over the years, the position of the AGA seems to have made a turnaround, particularly when Geoff Freeman took over the top position within the company.

With Freeman, the group shows support of online gambling legalization and regulation. However, that support was only provided for a short time. Members of the AGA, especially Sheldon Adelson of the Las Vegas Sands, voiced their anti-online gambling opinions and the AGA reversed their feelings about the subject, going from supportive to having no position.

The group doesn’t really have a reason to be supportive of sports betting and not online gambling, particularly if they are going to support mobile sports betting. Hopefully, the groups position on sports betting will change their stance on iGaming and see the group show support for online casino as well as poker gaming.