Africa’s Online Casino Industry Surging in 2019

Africa is quickly emerging as one of the most lucrative online gambling markets in the world. Gambling has always been popular here, yet recently, more people on this continent are choosing to make their wagers online. Africa’s online casino industry is surging right now and companies are beginning to take notice.Africa On Map

A number of African countries are beginning to change their land-based and internet gambling laws. Today, we’re looking at why online casino gambling is growing so popular here. We’ll also take a look at how counties here are working to better regulate their online gambling industries.

Online Casino Gambling Grows Fast in Africa

For years, sports betting has been growing fast throughout Africa. In some countries, including Uganda and Kenya, the sports betting market brings in millions of dollars each year. Land-based sports betting remains popular here, yet it’s clear that online gambling is becoming the preferred method of gambling throughout the continent.

There have always been casinos spread around Africa, yet most charge high entry fees that most locals simply can’t afford. The rise of online gambling has resulted in a major increase in internet casino gaming. Many are realizing that internet casino sites offer more options to suit different budgets.

Mobile payments are also helping Africa’s online casino industry. Many banks here refuse to accept gambling deposits within a bank branch. The ability to make these deposits using a smartphone has completely changed the game.

Regulation over the online gambling industry in Africa is sparse. Some countries, including Uganda and Kenya, have taken steps to better regulate this industry.

Top Online Casino Countries in Africa

A few countries in Africa have emerged as true gambling hotspots. Uganda and Kenya are well-known to have some of the biggest gambling markets outside of North America and Europe. Unsurprisingly, lawmakers in these countries have begun to implement new regulations on the land-based and online gambling industry.

Uganda has announced that it’s working to push foreign gambling operators out of the country. Kenya has introduced a bill to ban gambling advertisements. Gaming companies can no longer promote their services on television between 6 am to 10 pm. Celebrities are also prohibited from endorsing gambling.

There aren’t the only countries with huge gambling markets, though. South Africa is also becoming one of this continent’s major gaming hubs. South Africa’s gambling market is expected to be worth more than $2 billion by the end of 2019.

Even some Muslim-majority countries are embracing the gambling industry. Now, some major casino websites are offering their services in Arabic. Where is Africa’s gambling industry heading into 2020?

Future of Africa’s Online Casino Industry

There’s clearly a lot going on in this continent. Many major gaming operators are focusing on offering their services here. Countries like Uganda are working to nationalize their online gambling markets.

Kenya is focused on stopping the spread of gambling addiction. A 2018 BBC article details how many people in this country are hooked on internet gambling.

It’s unclear where this continent’s gambling industry is heading. On one hand, countries are working to better regulate their internet gaming markets. Of course, many of these regulations are actually limiting the number of legal gambling options for Africans.

Some of the top US online casinos are available throughout Africa right now. Many of the biggest gambling companies in Europe are also focused on this continent. We’ll need to wait to see exactly how different countries here work to regulate this industry while keeping legal gaming options available.