A New Casino in Tucson May be Coming Soon

Arizona has some of the most lenient laws when it comes to casino gambling in the US. Today, there are more than 20 land-based gambling venues spread throughout the state. Lawmakers are now considering plans for a new casino in Tucson to be constructed. Arizona State Flag

There are already three casinos in this southern Arizona city. A prominent Native American tribe here is working with the state to open their own gaming establishment here. Let’s look at whether or not this will actually happen.

Arizona’s Laws on Casino Gambling

Arizona has taken a pro-gambling stance over the years. In 1988, the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act was passed that allows Native American Tribes to operate casinos on their land. A legal battle ensued with Arizona’s governor and was settled by 1992.

By 2003, many of these gaming venues began operating in the state. Initially, each Arizona casino was operated by tribes. Today, there are multiple commercials casinos here that are run by major companies including Caesars Entertainment.

The state has been open to allowing more casino operations. Lawmakers here have also begun to embrace the sports betting industry. Bill SB 1158 allows Native American tribes to offer sports betting odds inside land-based casinos.

Bill 1158 is still being considered. Based on multiple reports, sports gambling will become fully regulated here by 2020.

This week, another Arizona tribe began pushing for a new casino in Tucson. It’s an exciting development for gambling fans in this city.

Plans Set for a New Casino in Tucson

The Pascua Yaqui Tribe is working hard to open a casino venue. Tribal leaders are working with city officials to open a brand new casino property near West Grant Road and Interstate 10. The 14.38-acre property will be on tribal land and will be fully run by the Pascua Tribe.

This tribe has also set plans for a hotel, retail center, and housing development. A small section of this land will be used for cultural and ceremonial purposes.

Assistant City Manager Albert Elias is confirming that the Pascua Yaqui Tribe is pushing for this new casino. The plans set forth and deal with city officials is the first step in getting this gambling establishment up and running.

Elias claims that city leaders are interested in learning more about the plans, and how a new casino in Tucson will affect the local community. The matter will be discussed at a City Council meeting on Tuesday.

“There won’t be a vote, but an opportunity to learn more,” Elias said. “From a land-use point of view, it’s a great location and a very valuable piece of real estate.”

Is Online Casino Gambling Regulated in Arizona?

Not at the moment. Lawmakers in Arizona have shown no willingness to regulate the state’s internet casino market. Fortunately, there are still a huge number of amazing online casinos in Arizona available to players.

These internet casino sites offer hundreds of different slots, table games, and poker gambling options. Major US sites including Bovada Casino and Mybookie.ag operate here and provide a range of amazing casino gaming options.

It’s unclear if Arizona will regulate internet casino gambling in the future. As of now, no specific bills have been presented to open this industry. If the new casino in Arizona is officially opened, it will only provide land-based gambling options.

A number of states are beginning to allow online casino gaming. Many of these states, including Nevada and New Jersey, are profiting massively as a result. It wouldn’t be a major surprise to see Arizona’s online casino market opened within the next few years.

We will have to wait until Tuesday to hear how Tucson city officials feel about this new casino. Make sure to stay tuned for updates on the situation!