A California Oktoberfest is Happening at the Soboba Casino Resort

Not long ago, the Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians opened a casino in San Jacinto, California. This resort is working hard to bring in new patrons, with regular entertainment events taking place each month. This week, the Soboba Casino has announced that it’s offering a new California Oktoberfest celebration. Oktoberfest Logo

This popular casino has also announced that it’s putting on a wine festival sometime in 2020. Today, we’re going to look at what the new casino is offering. We’ll also look at when the Oktoberfest celebration will take place, and what to expect.

The New Soboba Casino is A Major Upgrade

The original casino operated by the Soboba Native American Tribe opened in the 1990s. It’s been the primary source of revenue for the tribe. For years, officials running this casino have talked about upgrading their property.

In February of 2017, construction began on a brand new casino-resort located just a mile away from the original property. It opened almost exactly two years later, renamed the Soboba Casino Resort. It offers considerably more gaming space, a great hotel for guests, and several restaurants.

It’s also helped to create jobs for the local community. According to Isaiah Vivanco, Council Chairman of the Soboba Tribe, thousands of construction workers were employed to work on the new casino. More than 650 employees were also brought in to work inside the new resort.

This casino-resort now has a Las Vegas feel to it. A professor at San Diego University’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Katherine Spilde, believes that the resort’s non-gaming options will help the Soboba Tribe succeed for years to come.

“Even in Las Vegas, or other commercial jurisdictions, the gaming is usually the first and largest revenue stream,” she said. “Then, over time the gaming often times becomes eclipsed by hotel revenue or other non-gaming revenue. Combined non-gaming revenue actually becomes larger than the gaming revenue in a more mature gaming market.”

Soboba Casino is Offering a California Oktoberfest Celebration

Oktoberfest, in case you’re unaware, is an annual celebration that takes place in Munich, Germany. It’s the largest beer festival on the planet, with more than six million attendees every single year. Of course, not everyone can make the trip to Germany to engage in the festivities.

Fortunately for those located in California, the Soboba Casino Resort is putting on its own Oktoberfest celebration. On October 5th, this casino is inviting guests to drink German beers, eat traditional German cuisine, and play some casino games. Victor Mortazavi, Food and Beverage Manager of the casino, is expecting the event to be a big hit.

Tickets for the celebration will become available on September 5th. Tickets will cost $20 if purchased in advance. The tickets bought at the door will cost $30. The ticket prices will earn you $15 worth of tickets to use for beer tastings, food, and souvenirs.

A German polka band is also being brought in to provide entertainment.

There are several California Oktoberfest events taking place this year. If you’re located in the San Jacinto area, feel free to check out the one at the brand new Soboba Casino!

Online Casino Gambling Continues to Grow in California

Internet gambling is growing more popular every single year. Today, several states around the country now have regulated online casino markets. Many states are also working to license and tax their internet gaming markets.

California does not yet regulate its online casino industry. In fact, only tribal casinos are allowed to operate here. Fortunately, there are a huge number of amazing CA casino websites available right now.

Most of these websites offer a huge range of different casino gambling options. You can find popular games such as blackjack, poker, and slots. The best casino websites here will also offer a range of great payment options to keep your money safe.

It’s likely that within the next few years, lawmakers in California will choose to regulate the internet gambling industry. States such as New Jersey, which taxes online casino gaming, earn millions of dollars each month from the industry.

If you’re free on October 5th, feel free to check out the California Oktoberfest at the Soboba Casino Resort! Make sure to stay tuned for more California gambling news over the next few months!