888Poker Set to Mix Things up in New Jersey

Summary: With online poker losing ground in New Jersey, 888Poker has decided to launch a new game and new look later on in the year.

When online gambling became a reality in the United States, three states were at the forefront; New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada. Each of these states have been offering services since 2013, with Nevada focused strictly on online poker while Delaware and New Jersey offer both online poker and casino gaming. Online operators in each state have struggled to see their online poker industry gain any ground, while online casino games have proven to be the more popular factor.

New Jersey has been able to at least earn around $1 million or more each month with online poker gaming but this amount continues to be far less than estimated. Players just seem to be drawn to online casino games more than they do poker. Operators constantly try to remedy the issue by offering new gaming options, promotions, tournaments and more. Nothing seems to be working as they would like.

888 Holdings888Poker is the latest operator to announce a few changes, set to offer not only a new game later on in the year but also revamp their look. 888 Holdings announced the new changes coming to the online poker room with the Poker 8 client set to be revealed in the near future. With the new client, players will also have access to a new game known as Pik’em Poker.

The launch will be global and will include New Jersey. Hopefully, the changes will give 888 the push they need to be able to increase the number of players logging on to enjoy online poker. However, the details are scarce, and it is unclear as to just what online poker players will be able to expect with the launch.

Very few details have been provided as to what the new Pik’em Poker game will entail. We can of course speculate but that’s about all we can do. From the name of the new game, one could assume that some type of picking will be involved with the cards. It will definitely be interesting to see how the game is played and if it will be a new variant that catches on with players.

Benefiting From Combined Player Pools

As online poker continues to struggle across the United States, including in New Jersey, 888 is the only platform that is actually benefiting in some way. The brand’s platform in New Jersey, the WSOP.com NJ site, has combined player pools with gamers from Delaware and Nevada able to compete. With shared liquidity, the brand has the potential to see an increase in traffic however, it seems that numbers are pretty much near the same as they were before player sharing was a thing.

It really seems as though online poker will continue to struggle unless poker is legalized in other states and player sharing is in place since it relies on a pool of players unlike online casinos in the US markets. For smaller states, this would create larger player pools and more variety for larger regions. However, it seems as though any new states offering online poker is a long way from now. Currently, states focus has shifted from online poker and casino games to sports betting.

For now, we shall have to wait and see what 888Poker brings to the table in the near future when they launch their new platform and poker game. Hopefully, the new option will be something that players enjoy and there will be an increase in gaming within the industry.