7th Annual BBQ Fest Announced by Mohegan Sun

Mohegan Sun is preparing once again to attract barbecue lovers from all over the world who will have an opportunity to enjoy this unusual festival. If you consider yourself a foodie, and you fall in love with barbecue more often than with people, then you should definitely consider this a romantic festival, as it will contain a lot of food, hand-crafted cocktails, cold beer, and more. To put a cherry on the top of this barbecue cake, there will be live music and many other interesting events that will follow up the festival which will take place for the 7th time in Mohegan Sun.

So, what can one exactly do at such a festival? Well, first of all, you can always enjoy food, and even take a sample bite from the People’s Choice Competition in order to find your favorite barbecue. There will be many barbecue teams from all over the US who will compete in order to win the prize for the best BBQ. Tough competition is expected once again, as it will be very difficult to decide who makes the best barbecue. Furthermore, there will be an annual Wing and Rib Competition which brings a lot of meat lovers to one place.

There will also be a professional barbecue competition which is sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbecue Society. 50 teams are expected in total, and there will be $25,000 which will be given as prize money to the best barbecue teams in the US.

The entire event will take place on June 1 and 2 in the Winter Parkin Lot of the Mohegan Sun. If you happen to get tired of eating barbecue, you can always check out other types of entertainment offered by the Mohegan Sun Casino & Resort, such as numerous interesting casino games, spa, restaurants, golf games, and more.

If you are interested in visiting this event, you should take into account that ticket prices will be charged either $5.00 per day of $8.00 for the entire weekend. They are on sale at the moment at Mohegan Sun Box Office. However, kids who are six or under will receive free admission. Furthermore, admission tickets and an additional $1 tickets for food and drinks will be charged at the entrance of the festival.

If you are interested in taking part in the People’s Choice Contest, you will have an opportunity to rate 20 BBQ teams who are all part of the Kansas City BBQ Society. All teams will offer samples of their work which you can try for $2.00 all weekend long. Once you try them all, you will be able to vote for what you think was the best barbecue in the festival. All visitors will be able to vote from Saturday 11 am to Sunday 3 pm after which the winners will be announced at 4 pm.

We also mentioned the Rib and Wing Challenges, where you will have an opportunity to taste up to five ribs and wings for $5.00 and vote for your favorite option. Liberty Bank will present the winners of this competition on Saturday before the firework show begins.

The fireworks will begin at 9:15 pm and live music will be on the Main Stage during the entire weekend to keep the party going on. Therefore, if you happen to be nearby on June 1 and 2, make sure to drop by as there will be a lot of things to do as a part of this big BBQ festival that happens for the seventh consecutive year.