5 Couples ‘Take the Leap’ to Marriage Vegas-Style on Leap Day

The LINQ Promenade and High Roller at DaytimeIt’s not every year that we get to experience a leap year, so why not use the special occasion to cement the most momentous occasion in your life, but in true Vegas fashion?

That was the idea for these five brave brides. On Saturday morning, five women ziplined 12 stories above the LINQ Promenade in, you guessed it, their wedding dresses! Not your typical limo arrival, but a wedding entrance with Vegas written all over it. The zipline was hardly the scary part, though.

After they made their safe landing, a ceremony awaited them atop the High Roller, where they tied the knot, officially making it a Leap Day wedding.

The five lucky couples were selected for the 102.7 Coyote Country competition, “Take the Leap,” hosted by local radio personality Jeff Kurkjian. The competition asked applicants to apply by sharing their love story and promised to infuse a little more adrenaline into their big day with a unique ceremony at The LINQ Promenade and High Roller.

“All 5 families have such fantastic stories,” Kurkjian said. “Blended families coming from all different backgrounds, but they all call Las Vegas home now.”

The winning couples simultaneously ziplined across the LINQ Promenade together before riding to the top of High Roller for a wedding ceremony that was officiated by Kurkijan.

The festivities didn’t stop there. Each couple then enjoyed a beautiful reception at the ICEBAR and received a complimentary stay at The LINQ hotel-casino to boot.

First Couple Chosen for the Leap Day Wedding Contest

The first couple selected for the Leap Day Wedding Contest was through an email submission by the now-married Zennetta Taylor.

The subject line of her letter read “Leap of Faith,” and in it, she described her eight-year relationship with her fiancé, the adversity the couple faced early on from both sides of their family, and how living in California didn’t allow the couple to have the financial security necessary to get married sooner.

“Both sides of our family were against our relationship from the beginning and would even call it a phase. We face so many challenges as a couple but we’ve stayed strong and together. We always talked about getting married and have been engaged for two years, but circumstances have delayed our plans.”

When the couple, who have a seven-year-old daughter together, moved to Las Vegas to be able to save for a wedding and hopefully buy a house, they were met with a wonderful new “setback,” but this time it was three times over.

Zenetta continues in her letter:

“So we were on track to achieve our goals, then we found out we were expecting and we were thrilled. Then we found out we were expecting triplets, so our plans have been put on hold again.

“I do hope we’ll be considered for this contest, it would be so amazing to have a wedding. My fiancé does everything for our family and always takes care of us. Either by working two or three jobs, or staying home with our daughter while I work. I would love to surprise him with this wedding contest to show my love and appreciation.”

Listen to her reaction to winning the contest in Jeff & Aimee’s In the Morning interview, which can be heard starting at 7:22.

About the LINQ Promenade and High Roller

The LINQ Promenade

Known as a bustling marketplace featuring retail, outdoor dining, and entertainment and nightlife experiences, The LINQ Promenade includes 40 shops and restaurants that span across 200,000 square feet of high-energy space. It sees an estimated 22 million annual visitors, according to the company.

Notable dining options include Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen + Bar, Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips, ameriCAN Beer & Cocktails, Virgil’s Real BBQ, Yard House, Jaburritos, and Off the Strip Bistro & Bar. Popular retail includes Pier 30, Photo & Go, Ghiradelli, Harley Davidson, and I Love Candy.

One of the promenade’s crown jewels is its dynamic music venue space, Brooklyn Bowl, which can host up over 2,000 music lovers at once. Brooklyn Bowl includes a restaurant, bowling with 32 lanes, and a dedicated sports-viewing section in the daytime that transforms into a live performance area after dark, as well as a nightclub area.

High Roller

Known as the “world’s tallest observation wheel,” the High Roller soars 550 feet above the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. It offers breathtaking 360-degree views of the Las Vegas Strip and Vegas valley, features 28 spacious cabins, and the upgraded option of an open bar cabin which they call an “open bar in the sky.”

The wheel takes approximately 30 minutes to complete a full revolution.

High Roller wedding packages feature exciting options such as private cabins with expedited boarding, customized music through a Bluetooth speaker, 60 minutes of photography time, champagne toasts, chocolate-covered strawberries and more.

What did your Leap Day look like? We hope it was just as special!