2016 Presidential Election Wagering

Donald Trump & Hilary Clinton - 2016 Presidential Election USA

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton - 2016 Presidential Election USAGamblers are taking their wagers to the upcoming presidential election to see if they can earn a payout based on who wins.

For most gamblers, wagers are made on slot games, blackjack or poker. These are the most popular forms of gambling and players from around the world enjoy these games online or via land based gaming venues. Players enjoy their favorite games as a form of entertainment and hope to earn a payday based on the outcome of the game.

Gamblers are also known to wager in other areas such as sports betting or specific events. Just recently, the Olympic Games were a big hit with gamblers as punters choose who they thought would win gold, silver and bronze medals. Now with the upcoming election tomorrow, players have been placing wagers as to who will earn the United States Presidency, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Historic Election Betting

Surprisingly, this presidential election has resulted in historic numbers when it comes to wagers on who will earn the presidency. The race is tight between democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump. According to opinion polls, Trump is closing the gap after an announcement by the FBI stated that the emails of Clinton were being reviewed.

However, on Sunday, the director of the FBI reported that the inquiry was over and that nothing had been found to change the original decision by the bureau. This could be the driving point to change voter’s minds who had been on the fence to vote either way. It could swing voters towards Clinton’s side. According to recent polls, Clinton has a modest lead of 44% when compared to 40% of Trump.

Betting Numbers

Because many Americans feel that either choice for the presidency is a horrible one, it has the two candidates considered as the least popular choices in the history of elections. Even if voters are not happy with their choices, they are still placing wagers online. Bodog has Clinton as the favorite to earn the presidency with -550 while Trump is behind at +350.

At Betfair, as much as $130 million has been wagered on the United States presidency and is close to the numbers met during the wagers of the Brexit event in the United Kingdom. Punters wagered as much as $159 million during Brexit. Speaking to Reuters, Naomi Totten of Betfair stated that the gambling provider feels that due to the raw the vote on Brexit is in the minds of the people, they are not convinced yet that it is a done deal.

Reportedly, Paddy Power, a betting company based in Ireland, feels that the race for the 2016 presidency will be in the top 10 when it comes to traded events on their site. So far, over $4 million has been wagered on the event. Ladbrokes has also seen a great deal of wagers placed on the event, with more than $6 million wagered.

For most operators, Clinton is showing the most profitability. However, only time will tell if Clinton or Trump will be named the next President of the United States. Voting takes place tomorrow and everyone in the US seems to be on the edge of their seat to see if their candidate takes home the win. The election season has been charged and the wagers tend to provide a bit of fun on something that many have seen as a downer and want to be over as soon as possible. It will be interesting to see as a whole just how much money is wagered on the political election once it is over.

Update: 9.11.2016 – Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of United States of America.