200 Individuals Affected by Virus Outbreak at a Louisiana Casino

The world is on edge right now due to concerns over the coronavirus spreading throughout China. Tens of thousands of individuals have been confirmed infected and officials are working hard to keep it contained. This week, news broke that more than 200 individuals have been infected by a virus outbreak at a Louisiana casino.L’Auberge Casino

It’s the last thing the country needed. Health officials are now working to better understand this new virus. Today, we’re going to look at how the coronavirus is being contained, and look at the details of the new case in Louisiana.

Let’s get into it!

Coronavirus Continues Spreading to New Countries

The Wuhan Coronavirus has been in the news for months. It first appeared in December of last year and quickly spread throughout China. By late January, this virus had reached every single province in the country.

Officials are still not entirely sure how the virus first made contact with humans. We know that it comes from a seafood market in Wuhan and is able to transfer from person-to-person. It seems uniquely adapted to spread and has now affected more individuals than the feared SARS virus that gripped China in the early 2000s.

Health departments are not yet calling this particular coronavirus, currently named 2019-nCoV, a pandemic. For the most part, only China is being affected. More cases are beginning to pop up around the country, however, and there are reasonable fears that this could grow uncontrollable.

Recently, Macau’s government decided to shut down all of the territory’s casinos. The goal is to help stop the flow of infected tourists into the city. Unfortunately, this is taking a serious toll on several Las Vegas casino companies with property in Macau.

The whole world is watching how this new virus spreads. There has been little progress stopping its spread. This week, a different virus hit a popular Louisiana casino.

There’s a New Virus Outbreak at a Louisiana Casino

Louisiana is home to a huge number of casinos. The vast majority of these gambling venues are actually riverboat casinos. These casinos help to bring the state millions of dollars in additional revenue for the state every single year.

Unfortunately, casinos aren’t safe from viruses. This week, reports surfaced that show more than 200 individuals have been infected with a new virus outbreak at a Louisiana casino. This has prompted health officials in the state to conduct a new investigation.

The casino where this virus spread is the L’Auberge Casino in Lake Charles. Due to recent events here, thousands of individuals have recently visited the gambling venue. More than 200 individuals who visited this gambling establishment claim to suffer from symptoms associated with this virus.

This new virus is said to cause a variety of serious health effects. Dr. Lacey Cavanaugh, a regional medical director in the area, commented on the virus outbreak at a Louisiana casino to the media this week.

“How it started at this point doesn’t really matter anymore, because now we are getting transmission within the community,” she said. “So, however people picked it up in that setting they are now taking it home and spreading it from one family member to another family member to another family member, so that is the real message that we need to get out today.” 

There’s still no word on how this virus can spread. Hopefully, officials are able to get rid of this illness before it gets too serious.

Lawmakers in Louisiana Still Push for Legal Sports Betting Options

Over the past two years, a huge number of states have officially legalized sports betting. This is thanks to the Supreme Court striking down PASPA. Most of the states with legal sports betting options are now earning serious revenue from this industry.

Several lawmakers in Louisiana have begun pushing to allow this form of gambling. Back in 2018, a House Bill was introduced that would allow for land-based sports betting in the state. It failed to get passed that year and no progress was made in 2019.

Most feel that 2020 is the year that sports betting legislation gets approved here. Louisiana already allows casino gambling. It would make no sense for officials here to ban traditional sports betting.

As of now, however, there is no word on when this will take place. Leaders in the state are remaining silent on the sports betting topic. We’ll keep you updated on this situation over the next few months.

It’s scary to see the virus outbreak at a Louisiana casino. The public has little information on how fast it’s spreading. We’ll need to wait and see how the health department approaches the situation.