South Park Slots

South Park SlotsSouth Park is one of the extremely entertaining online slots games powered by NetEnt software. South Park is themed after the very popular adult cartoon of the same name. The reels are covered in popular characters from the show, and even the special features bring familiarity to fans of the show. Just one of the many impressive things about this 5 reel, 25 payline slots game, is the fact that it has a maximum payout that’s worth a whopping 1,250,000 coins!

The intro to South Park gets players in the mood to play. It portrays Kenny sitting at a slot machine in a casino. As anyone familiar with the show knows, Kenny almost always dies. For this reason, it should come as no surprise to see the slot machine fall on Kenny when he goes to pull the spin bar. He lets out a scream as it falls on him and the slot machine starts dinging, as if a jackpot was won, and the game spits coins all over the casino floor.  Players also get to see other characters from the show; they show up to offer congratulations on the card symbols when they are used to create wins.

This article will discuss things like the design of the game, the coin denominations, the bonus rounds and the other special features. This lets players know just what to expect from the game when they are going in.

How to Play the South Park Slot

South Park has 5 reels, 25 paylines and a top payout of 1,250,000 coins. The coin values include $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.50 and $1.00. All 25 paylines must be played for each spin, but there are 10 bet levels players can choose from. This makes the minimum bet on South Park $0.25 and the maximum bet $250.00 per spin.

There are four high ranking card symbols in this game, with them being the lowest paying symbols. The Jacks pay 50 for 5, the Queens pay 75, Kings pay 100 and the Aces pay 125. The highest paying symbols include Stan who pays 200 for 5, Kyle who pays 300, Kenny who pays 400 and Cartman who pays 750.

This game has a clean design and a lot of bonus features. There is a bonus round for each of the main characters, as well as others. This presents players with many chances to enjoy an extra exciting game, and more wins.

South Park Bonus Features

One creative feature the game has that’s sure to make players laugh is the appearance of Mr. Hanky. He is the turd wearing a Santa hat. He can show up anywhere on the reels and will literally splatter the reels with wilds. Then, there is the Terrance and Philip feature where they can pop out of the reels, bringing wild symbols with them.

A Cartman feature depicts Cartman in Beefcake mode. He runs across the screen and the entire center of the reels become a large picture of him. This large Cartman section makes its way around and that whole selection of squares will become wild symbols when the reels stop. If it stops in the center, then the entire center of the game will be filled with wild symbols.

There are four main bonus games in South Park, and each is activated when two bonus symbols show up next to a character’s bonus symbol on the fifth reel.

The Stan bonus offers a sticky wild on the center reel that remains for two re-spins. Sticky symbols may keep showing up, adding two more re-spins when they do. When the sticky symbols are gone, the bonus round ends.

The Kyle bonus offers 10 free spins. Baby Ike will come on the reels falling, when Kyle kicks him, he will land on squares, bringing prizes with him that include more free spins, multipliers and coins.

The Kenny bonus takes players to a game where they help Kenny make his way around South Park safely. Players get coins and multipliers for helping him. This can be a lucrative feature, earning players as much as 139,000 coins.

The Cartman feature Shows Cartman trying to shoot hippies with a fire hydrant as they hide in bushes. Each time he shoots a bush with one or more hippies in it, the player wins a prize. If there are two hippies in one bush, then the prize amount is doubled. The round ends when Officer Barbrady shows up. This bonus round can earn the player as much as 1,250,000 coins.


Not only is the intro and the base game a lot of fun, but it is literally packed full of bonus rounds. The bonuses tend to come up an impressive number of times, especially considering how much they can pay out.

As a fan of the South Park show, I like to see all my favorite characters making their way into the game, bringing their fun antics right along with them. I’m also pleased with the denominations this game offers, making it easy for me to play, no matter how my bankroll is doing on any given day.

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