Ghost Pirates Slots

Ghost Pirates SlotsGhost Pirates is a very impressive online slots game that captures a player’s interest right away. It has graphics that look so real they bring the entire pirate theme to life right on the reels. Each spin will bring about more opportunities to win, along with more chances to enjoy the amusing show the symbols act out on the screen. Even the sounds help to create a realistic pirate setting with howling winds being heard in the distance. The 3D game also has 5 reels and offers players 243 ways to win.

This article will cover all the important aspects of Ghost Pirates. The things covered will include the entire design, the denominations, the pay outs and the bonus features. Once players read through this review, they will have a clear picture of exactly what they can expect from Ghost Pirates.

How to Play the Ghost Pirates Slot

Ghost Pirates has a lot of little touches that give it a design that stands out from most other pirate-themed games. Things like skeleton pirates climbing up along the sides of the reels, and lit torches at the bottom of the game help create an eerie and realistic pirate themed slot. Each symbol has a realistic look to it, furthering the fantastic appearance of the entire game. In back of the reels, a pirate ship can be seen making its way through the rough waters. This scene will stay in place while the reels spin. The bet, bet ways, bet level, win, coin value and coin options are all on the bottom section of the game, with the big green spin button positioned right in the center. The paytable and game settings options are also on the bottom of the game, off to the left side.

Ghost Pirates allows players to choose between 5 different bet levels. They can also bet anywhere from 0.01 to 0.50, giving them plenty of choices with regards to how much they wager each spin. Decreasing some bet ways will cause some of the symbols on the reels to be blackened out. Betting all 243 ways will allow all symbols to stay lit during the spin.

The anchor pays 80 for 5, the cannon pays 80, the metal jug with the skull and crossbones on it pays 100, the map and compass pays out 100, the skull on the medallion pays 150, the two smoking guns pays out 200, the parrot pays out 400, the mad monkey pays out 500, one-eyed Ed pays out 1000 and Peggy Rotten pays out 1500. The 243 ways to win also pay out these same amounts, allowing players to win much larger-sized wins.

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Ghost Pirates Bonus Features

The wild symbol in Ghost Pirates is the symbol of the skull and crossbones with the word “Wild” written on it. This symbol will replace the other symbols that come on the reels, when doing so will result in a winning combination.

The treasure chest is the scatter symbol in this game and it can bring the players more wins and free spins. On the 3, 9, 27 or 81 ways to win, getting three of the scatters will trigger 10 free spins, four of the scatters will trigger 15 free spins and getting five of the scatters will trigger 20 free spins. On the 243 ways to win, getting three of the scatters will trigger 15 free spins, four will trigger 20 free spins and five of them will trigger 25 free spins.


Ghost Pirates is one of the more impressive slots games players can find online. NetEnt has done a fantastic job putting everything together in a way that tells a story, keeps players interested, offers them plenty of ways to win and keeps them excited about coming back to play the game again.

I’ve always had an interest in pirates. In fact, I have been collecting model pirate ships for years. For this reason, pirate themed slots games always get my attention. Ghost Pirates is actually the best online slots game I have played so far with this theme. With the 243 ways to win, there is plenty of opportunities for someone to do very well on this game.

I especially liked the appearance of Ghost Pirates. It drew my attention to the game immediately and I know it was going to be a lot of fun, and I was right. The animations were excellent and the sounds fell right in line with what was happening on the reels. The game is a financially flexible one too, allowing players of all-sized budgets to play on it. I would suggest this game to anyone who was looking for a great game. Whether or not they are a big fan of pirates, they should still find many reasons why this game is an excellent choice for them.

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Ghost Pirates Slots
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