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Flowers SlotsThe Flowers online slots game is one that’s powered by NetEnt software. This game is one of the software provider’s most popular games. It has a flower theme, just as the name suggests. The design of this game gives it a fun and cartoonish appearance players will truly like. Flowers has some unique features to it, such as the double symbols. Each of the flowers on the reels of this game has a funny expression on their face that helps give them their own personality. Along with offering great graphics and special features, this game also gives player’s a high-quality game to play on.

This article will go over the Flowers online slots game in a way that educates players on its design and everything that it has to offer them. The entire design, the coin values, the payouts, the bonus rounds and the special features will all be detailed.

How to Play the Flowers Slot

The Flowers online slots game has a wooden frame bordering the reels. There are no borders around each reel, so the blue sky background isn’t interrupted. This design also allows the symbols to be larger, without giving the game too cluttered of a look. This game has 5 reels and 30 paylines. The paylines are all numbered with different colored buckets that stick to the gardening theme. All the game’s totals and buttons are lined up along the bottom portion of the gaming screen. They are bright green, which is a good color for a flower themed game. Some of the symbols in this game depict two flowers and they will count as two symbols. This makes it possible for players to get 10 symbol winning combinations.

The 30 paylines this game helps players enjoy having a lot of chances to come up with winning combinations. There are also 5 bet levels the players can choose from for each spin. The coin values include 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20 and 0.50.

There are colorful high ranking card symbols that make up the lower paying symbols on the reels. The Jacks will pay out 100 for 5, the Queens will pay out 125, the Kings will pay out 150 and the Aces will pay out 200. The other symbols are all flowers with funny faces. The blue flowers pay out 1200 for 10, the pink flowers pay out 1400, the Venus Fly Trap pays out 1600, the daisies pay out 1800 and the red roses pay out 2000.

Flowers Bonus Features

The bright sun is the wild symbol and it shows up on the reels to replace others in order to create more winning combinations. The only symbols the wild won’t replace are the double symbols and the free spins symbols. Getting 5 of the wild symbols will pay out 5000.

The free spins symbols are clouds and there are single cloud symbols and double cloud symbols. The double cloud symbols will act as two symbols in one. Getting four or more of the free spins symbols will activate the free spins feature. Four free spins symbols will trigger 10 free spins, 5 free spins symbols will trigger 15 free spins, 6 free spins symbols will trigger 20 free spins, 7 free spins symbols will trigger 25 free spins and 8 free spins will trigger 30 free spins. This feature also comes with 2x, 4x and 10x multipliers.

All the wins created in the free spins round will also be tripled. There are a lot of opportunities for players to win large payouts in this feature. During the free spins round, stacked wilds can appear to create even more chances of winning.


The Flowers online slots game has a cheerful look and fun features that offer players more chances to see some nice payouts. The amusing symbols in the game make it a true pleasure for online slots players to spend their time on. The double symbols add a creative touch to the game that makes it different from the other slots games out there. Also, those double symbols create the ability for players to make 10 symbol winning combinations.

I thought the Flowers slots game had one of the more entertaining appearances. I like the amusing faces all of the flowers have on them. The game ran fast and smooth, making it even more of a pleasurable experience to play it. I was also able to activate the free spins round more than a few times and I saw fantastic financial results from those rounds. The variety of colors included in the design helped to give the game a fantastic look I found to be a great addition. Anyone else who is looking for an exciting online slots game to play should think about trying their luck on the Flowers slots game. With everything it offers, it may become their new favorite one to play.