Dazzle Me Slots

Dazzle Me SlotsAnyone who likes bright games and/or gemstones will get a kick out of the Dazzle Me online slots game. It has an inviting look that welcomes players to a bright and lively design. This game has elements that make it exciting and different from most others. Dazzle Me has a layout that offers more than 70 ways to win. One of the helpful features in this game are gems that come in stacks and this makes it easier to get more wins. It also helps to give the reels more unity. Each gem is brightly colored in a way that gives the game more of a cartoonish look.

This article will go over the unique design and layout of Dazzle Me, as well as the denominations, the payouts, the bonus features and the other special features.

How to Play the Dazzle Me Slot

The Dazzle Me slots game has reels with a different layout than many of the other games players will see online. The leftmost two reels will display three symbols, the next two will display four symbols each and the rightmost symbol will display 5 symbols. The game has an autoplay feature that allows players to set the game to spin the reels on its own. The player can set the autospin to anywhere from 1 spins up to 1000. There are pastel colors in back of the reels that sparkle. The game’s totals and buttons are offered at the bottom portion of the gaming screen.

The Dazzle Me slots game has 10 bet levels. The coin denominations include 0.01, .02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50 and 1.00. This makes the game flexible enough to accommodate many online slots gaming budgets, opening up more opportunities for online players.

There are no high ranking card symbols in this game. This helps to give the game a more entertaining look, since every symbol on the reels will contribute to its overall design. There are a variety of gems on the reels and each one has their own color and special shape. The blue gems will pay out 20 for 5, the green gems will pay out 20, the purple gems will pay out 30, the red gems will pay out 30, the bells will pay out 100 and the 7s will pay out 200.

Dazzle Me Bonus Features

This game features wilds that are displayed in a unique way. Instead of looking for a wild symbol here and there, players will instead see wild reels that show up to randomly offer many chances for more winning combinations. 1-5 reels can end up turning wild and the symbols on the reels can replace all others, except for the free spins symbol.

Dazzle Me also offers players the opportunity to enjoy free spins. Getting at least three of the free spins symbols will activate the free spins feature. In this feature, players will be able to enjoy spinning the reels and keeping any winnings they earn without risking their own credits. This can help them accumulate a lot of extra wins in a risk free manner. Activating this feature with three free spins symbols will earn the player 8 free spins, activating it with four symbols will earn the player 12 free spins and activating it with 5 symbols will earn them 16 free spins.

The free spins round comes with a linked reels feature. During this feature, two reels will become linked at the beginning of each spin. This will cause those reels to end up with the same symbols on them at the end of the spin. This increases the player’s chances of getting winning combinations during the free spins.


Dazzle Me is an online slots game that captures a player’s attention for many reasons. First, it starts out by offering them very vibrant colors and beautiful gems on the reels. Then, it presents them with reels that are designed in a manner that’s not often found on online slots games. Finally, it offers them the chance to enjoy fantastic free spins that come with a helpful feature that can produce very good-sized payouts.

The Dazzle Me slots game proved to be a lot of fun for me to play. I especially liked the various gems that showed up on the screen. Also, the free spins round was so easy to trigger that I was able to enjoy it more than a few times in just one gaming session. The linked reels helped me to achieve many winning combinations in the feature and at the end of each session I collected some great payouts. The game also ran smoothly, so I was able to enjoy it without any glitches or freeze-ups. Anyone else who is looking for a fun and creative online slots game to play should make sure to give it a try.

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