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Cosmic Fortune SlotsCosmic Fortune is an online slots game with a crisp look. The unique symbols help to give the game an appearance that’s fascinating. These symbols are made up of fun designs worked into what appear to be metal balls. It’s based on an alien invasion and it provides players the chance to win one of several generous progressive jackpots.

This article will go over the Cosmic Fortune online slots game to educate interested players on what it offers. The design, gameplay, denominations, payouts, progressive jackpots, bonus rounds and other features will all be discussed.

How to Play the Cosmic Fortune Slot

Instead of traditional reels that have symbols that spin, the symbols in Cosmic Fortune drop into place. When a winning combination is made, the symbols used in that combination will disappear from the screen and more will fall from above to replace them. This creates extra chances to get more winning combinations. The totals for the mega, major, midi, mini and rapid jackpots are listed along the top of the screen. The 15 paylines are signified with dots along the sides of the reels. Hovering over each dot will tell the player which paylines are which. The games other totals and the buttons are all listed along the bottom portion of the screen. There is an autoplay option that allows the players to set the number of autospins anywhere from 10 all the way up to 1000 spins.

Cosmic Fortune’s 15 paylines offer players many chances to get winning combinations. The coin values include 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20 and 0.50. There are 10 betting levels players can choose from.

There are no high ranking card symbols in Cosmic Fortune. Instead, every symbol is a ball with its own design. The metal ball with the teal circular shape with divots in the center of it will pay out 50 for 5, the metal ball with the teal crescent moon in the center will pay out 75, the metal ball with the teal spaceship in the center will pay out 100, the metal ball with the orange robot coming out of the center pays out 200, the metal ball with the red robot in the center pays out 500, the metal ball shaped to look like a pink monster with many teeth and eyes pays out 1000 and the metal ball shaped to look like a space man pays out 1500.

Cosmic Fortune Bonus Features

The wild symbol is the metal ball with the gold “W” on it. The wild symbol can show up on the second, third and fourth reels to replace all the other symbols, except for the scatters. The wilds will contribute to a good portion of the winning combinations the players will see in this game.

The scatter symbol is the gold metal ball with the silver-bluish lightning bolt going through it. Getting at least three of the scatters will activate the free spins round. In this game, the free spins round is referred to as the “free falls” feature. This is due to the way in which the symbols fall on the reels instead of spinning around them. When the feature is activated with three scatters then players will get 10 free falls. Each additional scatter that triggers the feature will mean an extra 5 free falls.

The free falls bonus round will begin at the conclusion of the free falls feature. In this bonus round, silver balls will fall onto the screen from above. These balls can land in a coin win cup or in the jackpot collector cup. The coins that land in the coin win cups can pay out 5, 10 or 15 coins. The metal balls that land in the jackpot cup will help to fill the jackpot meter. The jackpot game will be triggered when three metal balls are collected in the jackpot cup.

The jackpot game is a game that can randomly cause a coin win and/or a win of one of the 5 different jackpots. Two of the jackpots have fixed amounts and three of them are progressive jackpots. Players can win one of the jackpots by getting three coins in the same cup.


Cosmic Fortune is an online slots game with a lot of creative elements that help make it both entertaining and potentially profitable. I had a great experience on this game. The free falling symbols are always something I like to see in slots. Also, the realistic look of the entire game helped make it a true pleasure to spend time on. The special features are easy to trigger and they come up often.

I played this game for a good amount of time because it was such an adventure that I didn’t want to stop playing once I had started. Anyone else looking for a unique game to try should give Cosmic Fortune a spin.