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Blood Suckers
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Blood Suckers SlotsVampires are nothing new. However, they have become more popular than ever the past few years. Vampires have been gracing both the big screen and regular television with many types of movies and shows. From Twilight to Vampire Diaries, these types of movies and television shows have been romanticizing the undead. There are also a great deal of vampire themed slots games and Blood Suckers is one of them. However, this game is done in a way that helps it to stand out from the others. It is a 5 reel and 25 payline slots game with an eerie, yet vibrant, design. There are a lot of details in the game that help give it a look that’s captivating.

This article will serve as a helpful review of the Blood Suckers online slots game. It will go over all aspects of the game and this includes the design, the denominations, the payouts, the bonus features, and the other important special features.

How to Play the Blood Suckers Slot

The Blood Suckers online slots game has a freaky looking design. The background of the game depicts a dark room and there is even a bloody hand print on a wall on the right of the screen. The paylines are all clearly numbered along both sides of the reels. Players can activate a certain number of paylines by clicking on the number on either the left or right side of the game. The game’s totals and buttons are all lined up along the bottom part of the gaming screen. A nice added feature of this game is it offers players a feature preview button. Clicking on this button opens a screen where they are walked through the bonus feature, so they know just what to do when they activate it.

The fact that this game has 25 paylines means players will have more chances to make winning combinations. They can also activate the number of paylines they choose, from 1 to all 25 of them. The bet levels include 10, 20, 30, and 40. The maximum bet on Blood Suckers is 50.00.

This game doesn’t have any high ranking card symbols on the reels and this means it offers more symbols that fit within the theme. The garlic pays out 75 for 5, the weapons pay out 75, the book pays out 100, the potion pays out 100, the female vampire pays out 125, the monster looking vampire with the red background pays out 250, the vampire with blonde hair and a purple cloak pays out 250 and the one with the red head covering pays out 500.

Blood Suckers Bonus Features

The wild symbol will come on the reels to replace other symbols when it creates winning combinations. The only symbols that the wild won’t be able to replace are the scatter symbols and the bonus symbols.

The scatter symbol in the game will take the players to the free spins feature. In order to activate the free spins, the player must get at least three of the scatters. The player will be given 10 free spins. The wins created in the free spins feature will all be tripled. This means this feature can be extremely lucrative for players.

Getting at least three of the bonus symbols will activate the bonus feature. When this feature is triggered, the player will be taken to a second screen where they will see rows of closed coffins. The player will use their cursor to choose coffins. The coffins will open and a wooden stake will be used to kill the vampires inside of the coffins. This bonus feature will come to an end when the player opens one of the coffins that has bats instead of a vampire.


The Blood Suckers online slots game is one with a theme that many players will enjoy. It revolves around vampires and it has an exciting look to it. The game has a simple enough format that new players can jump right on it and have a great time, but more experienced players will also have a great time playing it.

The Blood Suckers slots game offered me a very fun experience and some nice profits. I enjoyed the bonus round that allowed me to choose coffins for prizes. I also liked the free spins rounds that came up a lot for me. Some of my favorite movies and shows are ones that have to do with vampires, so I already figured I would have a great time on this game from the moment I saw it. Each of the symbols in this game have something to do with vampires and the background of the game goes well with them. Anyone else who is a fan of vampires should give the Blood Suckers game a try. It will offer them a lot of chances for fun and wins.