Beetle Frenzy Slots

Beetle Frenzy SlotsBeetle Frenzy is an online slots game powered by reliable NetEnt software. It’s set up with the look of a classic slots game. This makes it great for those times when players want to have a good time going back to the basics. Although the game has that simple design, players can still count on it to give them a spectacular gaming experience. Unlike a lot of other simple slots, this one offers a great deal of special features, like large jackpots and exciting bonus rounds. The design of this 9 reel and 5 payline game will leave players feeling like they should get on their gardening attire and prepare for sunshine.

This article will go over the different main elements of Beetle Frenzy, so players can get a good feel for what it’s going to be like to play it. These things include the design of the game, as well as the denominations, the payouts, the bonuses and anything else they would be interested in learning about beforehand.

How to Play the Beetle Frenzy Slot

Beetle Frenzy is a fun looking NetEnt powered online slots game with more of a classic slots design. The game is designed to have a garden setting look to it that includes a variety of insects, flowers and summer colors on the reels. The coins, bet and win stats are detailed along the top portion of the game. The paytable, bet level, coin value, max bet and spin options are located along the bottom part of the gaming screen.

The denominations on Beetle Frenzy include $0.10, $0.20, $0.50, $1.00 and $5.00. The game offers 5 bet levels, so players have a bit more leeway with regards to how much they choose to bet per spin. The max bet on this game is $25.00 per spin. The game is a nice middle of the road game for casual players.

The top paying symbol on Beetle Frenzy is the gold apple and if the player is able to get the gold apple symbols on all 9 reels, then they will win the super win. This gold apple will pay out payline wins and scatter wins. The top scatter win is 400x the amount of the total bet. The highest paying regular symbol on the reels is the blue flower and it will pay out as many as 500 coins for getting 9 symbols on the reels. The pink flower and the lady bug are the next highest paying symbols and they both pay out 400 coins for getting 9 symbols on the reels.

Beetle Frenzy Bonus Features

One of the bonus features players can enjoy when they play Beetle Frenzy is the bug collector bonus feature. This feature is triggered by getting three of the glass bug jars on a payline. When this happens, a new screen will appear that depicts 9 bug jars. The player is to choose one bug jar at a time to receive prizes. When they choose one that shows an “X” symbol, the feature will end.

Getting three of the same colored flowers on a payline will trigger the flower frenzy bonus. This causes a new screen to appear that has a 2×2 reel with small symbols around it. The player will click the spin button to cause four new symbols to be revealed, each one offering a pre-determined award. Spinning the reels will cause a wave of light to go around the reels. If the light lands on a matching symbol, then the player will win the bonus and if it lands on “X” then the round ends and the player is taken back to the base game.

There is also a lucky spin bonus feature players can activate by getting four of the same symbols on the corners or in the center square. This feature will give the player an extra spin on the center reel for every combination formed.


Beetle Frenzy is a very colorful online slots game with a happy look to it. The game is powered by NetEnt software and this lets players know it is reliable and of the highest quality. It may have a basic design, but it is still big on fun and opportunities. It runs fast and smooth, allowing players to spend time on it without worrying about technical difficulties.

I had a great time on the Beetle Frenzy slot game. It has a different look to it that made it unique. I found the symbols to be creative as well. This is a pleasant game to play that mixes simplicity and excitement in a way that provides players with one great slots game they can count on to keep them entertained. Anyone in the market for a new favorite slot should think about making Beetle Frenzy the next one they try.

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