Beach Slots

Beach SlotsTalk about a fantastic looking and very entertaining online slots game! Beach is a refreshing 5 reel game where as many as 20 betlines can be activated per spin. It has a beach theme that’s brought to life by a lot of great special touches added to its design. This non-progressive jackpot slots game has a top paying jackpot that’s good for 40,000 coins. The way the symbols float down the screen on waves of water is just one of the many great things about it that helps it stand out from other slots.

This article offers a detailed review of Beach, a very fun and lighthearted NetEnt slots game. The basic design and how to play the game will be covered, as well as denominations, payouts, bonuses and other special features. Also, there is a summary of the game at the bottom, which helps give interested players a firsthand idea of what it’s like to play Beach.

How to Play the Beach Slot

The game has a wide betting range to accommodate players with different budgets. There are 10 bet levels 5 reels and 20 betlines. The coin values include $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.50 and $1.00. There is a minimum bet of $0.20 and a maximum bet of $200 in this game.

The pebble symbols are marked with high ranking card stamps, ranging 10 through Ace and they are the lowest paying symbols in the game. Getting 5 of the 10s brings a payout of 50, Jacks pay out 60, the Queens pay out 75, Kings pay out 100 and Aces pay out 150. 5 of the white seashells will pay out 350, the starfish will pay out 500, the purple seashells pay out 750, the oysters will pay out is 1000 and the treasure chests pay out 2000.

Beach is a slots game with a simple design in concept, but the gaming experience it offers is very exciting, due to some creative additions. One example is the way in which the symbols make their way onto the screen, riding down on waves rather than spinning around on reels. The spin button is even decorated with a couple white waves, staying with the theme.

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Beach Bonus Features

The message in a bottle symbol represents the scatter. Getting three or more of these symbols will award the player with free spins, called free waves on this game. Three scatters activates 8 free waves, 4 of them activates 16 free waves and 5 of them activates 24 free waves.

The wild symbol is a piece of wood that’s clearly marked with the word “wild” on it and it has a crab sitting on its corner. This symbol can show up on all the reels, except the center reel. It substitutes all of the symbols to create more winning combinations, with the exception of the scatter and the secondary wild.

The purple octopus with an excitable personality is the other wild symbol in the game and it can show up on the center reel only. It will also replace all of the others, except for the scatter and the traditional wild.  Another added benefit to seeing this charming octopus on the screen is it also does some switching around of the other symbols on the reels to help players achieve even more wins for that spin.


I think the NetEnt Beach slots game may be one of my all-time favorites. I love how the symbols roll in with the tide, each set coming in slowly and settling into place. The sound of constant waves adds a relaxing feel to the game and hearing the seagulls in the background is the perfect touch. When each new wave rolls in, bringing the symbols with it, the sound of the tide increases, just as it would if you were at the beach and the waves were getting closer to you.

While the game may not have the extensive bonus rounds that some of the other slots have, the special features it does have were just fine with me. The scatters and wilds came up on the screen frequently, helping me to see a lot of free spins and wins along the way. Also, I got a big kick out of seeing the octopus come on the screen, pulling his antics and switching the symbols around to help me out with more winning combinations. Even the little crab that accompanies the other wild symbol added to the games character, as he jumped for joy when it was appropriate.

Along with a fantastic design, I also like the autoplay option, which I tend to get a lot of use out of. It allows you to set the autospins for an amount starting at just 10, going all the way up to 1000. I was able to enjoy the waves and wins, while sitting back in my chair not worrying about continuously pressing that spin button.