Attraction Slots

Attraction SlotsAttraction is a NetEnt powered slot that offers those who play it a truly shocking online slots gaming experience. Players are taken to a secret underground lab where monitors, wires, magnets and other electrical tools and monitoring equipment can be seen. 10 paylines line up next to the 5 reels to offer variety in Attraction. The highest jackpot in the game is good for a payout of 50,000 coins.

This article will offer players a detailed review that covers the basic design and layout of the game, as well as the denominations, payouts, special features and other elements it has to offer. Players want to watch for the magnets on the sides of the reels when they get a wild symbol. These magnets will bring them an extra spin with one more chance to win.

How to Play the Attraction Slot

This slots game has 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 paylines. The game allows for players to set their attractiveness level anywhere from 1 to 10, then choose from one of seven values, ranging from 0.10 to 1.00. This makes the game affordable for those with tighter budgets, but also gives high rollers the opportunity to bet up to 100 coins per spin.

For a combination of 5 symbols, the silver meter brings in a payout of 150, the green meter brings in a payout of 200, the yellow meter pays 250, the computer monitor pays 300 and the satellite shaped symbol pays out 500. The wilds will bring players the largest payout, paying 50,000 coins when 5 of them appear on a payline, while betting the max bet.

Also on the reels are high ranking playing card symbols, ranging from 10 to Ace. These card symbols are also designed to stay within the theme of the game. They are designed to look like metal rulers, levers and panels. 5 of the 10 symbols will pay out 30, Jacks will bring a payout of 40, Queens pay out 50, Kings pay out 75 and the Aces will pay out 100. While the card symbols do payout the smallest amounts, they help to keep the game going between the exciting re-spins feature.

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Attraction Bonus Features

Something unique to the Attraction online slots game is the bonus symbols are not actually symbols located on the reels, like with most other online slots games. Instead, magnets show up at the base of the reels when a new spin begins. A beam of light will also shoot across the game screen, lighting the path, so players know where the wild will need to show up in order for them to earn the re-spin feature. If a wild symbol shows up on the reel with the magnet, then the player will be given a free re-spin that begins immediately.

The wilds will become sticky, staying in place for the re-spin. Also, there will be two magnets at the base of the reels during the re-spin and if wilds show up on those reels, new sticky wilds will happen and players will be given another re-spin. The game carries on in this fashion until no additional wilds show up.

The pink colored electronic orb is the wild symbol and the blue colored electronic orb is the sticky one that shows up during the re-spins rounds. The wild symbols in Attraction replace all the other symbols on the reels. They also seem to show up frequently, helping players to earn many re-spins throughout the game.


The sounds add a lot in keeping within the electrifying theme of Attraction. In fact, the sounds created a land-based casino feel for me. There is low music in the background, which has a lot of keyboard tones to it. Then, each winning combination brings forth a sound of jolts and surges of electricity.

The game runs fast and smooth; I didn’t experience any type of technical problems or errors while playing. The beam of light that lights the pathway, made it easy for me to keep an eye on the right area, while hoping to see more of those wilds show up. The wilds did tend to show up in the right place at the right time a surprising amount of times in the game, which was much appreciated.

I found that I could enjoy a broad betting range while playing Attraction; this catered to my bankroll so I didn’t have to continuously think of my budget. It makes it easier to fit into my daily gaming budget, not only when I’m doing well, but also when I’m a little down on my luck. Plus, the chance for a payout good for 50,000 coins is always something I like to see when I go to play any online slots game. Attraction is definitely one of the games I look forward to playing a lot more of.