Aliens Slots

Aliens SlotsPlayers looking for a darker, more sinister online gaming experience won’t want to miss out on the chance to play Aliens; an online slots game based on the 1986 movie. This online slots game powered by NetEnt will deliver just what they are looking for. In the Intro, eerie sounds play while a spacecraft hurls toward a planet’s surface. Crackling radio communication attempts can be heard coming from that craft. Just as an alien appears on the screen, the view switches to the gaming screen. This game has 5 reels, 15 paylines a top jackpot worth up to 570,000 coins.

This article will provide interested players with a complete review of the Aliens online slots game. The basics of the game are explained, as well as denominations, payouts, special features and other areas of the game players may be curious about. One of the first things that stands out about the game is the design, in which the game itself is set up like the control panel of a spacecraft. Even the traditional spin button has been replaced with a glowing directional arrow.

How to Play the Aliens Slot

The 3D graphics and numerous special features come together well in the 5 reel, 15 payline game. The coin values on Aliens starts at $.01 and goes up to $1.00, making this a game that’s affordable for average players, while also catering to those high rollers, offering them the option to bet as much as 150 credits per spin.

The lower paying symbols in Aliens are the smaller, round shaped various alien symbols. For 5 of them, the payout ranges from 30 to 70. The bigger payouts come from the larger aliens in the different colored, rectangular shaped frames. For 5, the blue framed alien pays out 100, the bluish-green colored one pays out 150, the green one pays out 300, the greenish-yellow one pays out 500 and the red one pays out 1000.  When winning combinations are made, the symbols not involved in the wins will temporarily disappear from the screen.

The wild symbol in Aliens is the Weyland-Yutani Corporation logo. This symbol can come up on the second and fifth reels when players are in the level 1 game. It can come up anywhere on the reels when they are in the level 2 bonus feature. Something that’s refreshing about this wild symbol is it can be used to replace all the other symbols in the game.

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Aliens Bonus Features

Aliens is unique in that besides the base game, it also offers players three levels of gaming. These levels have graphics and sounds that leave players feeling as if they are playing a video game on a console, only here they have the added bonus of walking away with cash.

Level 1 is the Search level and in this level the player must fill the nine targets on the meter in order to progress to the next level. The more life found, the more symbols with multipliers that will be collected. Getting more multipliers during this level means the player will do better in the next level.

Level 2 is the Encounter level and in this level, there is a lot of action and fire power going on. The goal is to blast the aliens in an attempt to get to the Queens hive. The multipliers earned in the first level will now come into play, and additional ones will be earned. Players won’t use credits in this level and their main concern will be to survive.

Level 3 is the Hive level and this is where players can put an end to the Queens reign by burning down her nest. While it’s not easy to accomplish this task, it does pay well at 240X the player’s stake. During this level, grenades will be launched at the hive, in hopes of taking the Queen down.

Aliens Summary

Many features caught my attention in this game. Especially noteworthy is how the intro immediately drew me in. Also, the three levels in the game kept me entertained from start to finish. The spacecraft crash in the background of the reels, which remained in place throughout the base game, was a nice touch.

The game has a lot of options that allowed me to control it, so I could enjoy it the way I wanted. For example, I was able to play in autoplay, control the sounds, turn on and off the animations, change the quality of the graphics and even set the game up to use the spacebar to spin. Aliens is definitely one of the more entertaining slots games I have played, and it was quite easy to fit into my budget. Besides the fact that the game is one of the more budget-friendly ones, I also saw good results while playing it.

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