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NetEnt, short for Net Entertainment, is seen by many players as a recent entry into the online gaming world, although they have actually been around since the dawn of online casinos.

Founded in 1996 by a group in Sweden who had already been in the business of providing land based gambling solutions to casinos, they have now risen to be a very major supplier of online casino games.

NetEnt has really taken off over the past couple of years as their most recent offerings have taken the online casino business by storm, and have quickly become among the world’s largest online gaming software makers.

It wasn’t too long ago that the company paled in comparison to industry giants such as Playtech and Microgaming, having to look way up to them. Now though, they are right up there with these big time companies and are among the top 3 most successful casino software makers in the world.

NetEnt Slot Games

NetEnt Shakes Up The Industry

The quality of a company’s games are always at the forefront of a casino software maker’s success, although until recently it could be easily argued that there hasn’t been that much to separate the games out there. Software makers simply entered into deals with online casinos, long term deals to provide the games, and the casinos didn’t really even look to distinguish the quality of their games too much to gain market share, because there really wasn’t that much to separate them.

The most interesting thing about the recent emergence of NetEnt is that they really didn’t have to beat down doors to gain access to online casinos like their competitors did. In their case, people beat down their doors instead. NetEnt has by itself spawned a lot of new casinos which are more than eager to feature NetEnt games, and this is all driven by the demand of the games themselves.

Once NetEnt’s new casino games got out there and were experienced by the public, they became very popular, and a lot of the older casinos weren’t really in a good position to react to this demand, due to having licensing agreements with other software makers.

Traditionally, online casinos would be tied to a single software maker, and for years this arrangement went off without a hitch because, once again, there really wasn’t that much separating the big software makers. This isn’t to say that some players didn’t prefer one over the other, but not to the extent that they would clamor for a certain software maker’s games and refuse to settle.

This is exactly what happened though with NetEnt’s games, players wanted them, there weren’t anywhere near enough casinos offering them, so a whole bunch of new ones popped up. Nowadays, the NetEnt casinos, as they are called, already comprise a large and growing share of the market, driven primarily by the sole fact that they offer NetEnt games.

The Appeal Of NetEnt’s Games

NetEnt is in essence a free agent, not tied to any casinos specifically, and therefore their interests are directed solely at building what they feel are the best games, without any interference from their casino customers. They don’t own or operate any casinos either, which can present conflicts of interest, it’s simply all about making the best games they can without any other considerations, and offering them to all.

This has worked beautifully, and has really changed the landscape of the online casino world, where we see a lot more independent casinos, which offer whatever games they want, games from NetEnt as well as from other casino software suppliers who may have been around for awhile but haven’t been able to compete under the old way of doing business.

So now these casinos just offer what they feel are the best games, which often means using several software suppliers, and this has created a freer market and one that has really benefited players to whom quality of games matter. NetEnt has led the charge her and has served to really open up the industry.

NetEnt is most famous for its fabulous slot games, and with the immense popularity of slots, they quickly became a real favorite of players, and a great many insist on playing only NetEnt slots in fact.

NetEnt provides a full selection of casino games though, including live casino solutions, as well as a complete range of casino support solutions, and that part has been instrumental in allowing so many NetEnt based casinos to flourish.

Players simply enjoy playing NetEnt games though, and that’s the primary reason for the company’s recent phenomenal success, but they have also really changed the way that a lot of online casinos do business and the games they present, bringing quality to the forefront.

As it turns out, that’s exactly what appeals to players, quality, not back room deals, and companies such as NetEnt stand ready to deliver to them exactly what they want, and are doing a great job of that.

NetEnt’s games are very well worth checking out for those who have yet to experience them, to discover for oneself what all the fuss is about here, and why these games have made such a splash on the online casino business.

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