Popular Casino Myths

Whether you have been going to casinos for years or just recently started, there is a high likelihood that you have heard your fair share of wild stories regarding casinos. Whether it be someone’s individual experience or a larger notion regarding a certain casino or casinos in general, the fact of the matter is that there is a lot of misinformation out there. Unfortunately, much of the misinformation that exists is easily believed by the general public and goes on to warp their view of casinos forever.

The purpose of this article is to dispel any rumors or myths that people may still believe about casinos. Casinos may seem like mysterious places that are impossible to understand, but nothing could be further from the truth. On top of that, you will find that it is this supposed confusion that keeps so many people from ever stepping foot inside a casino in the first place.

Casinos Have Games That Are Rigged

One of the biggest myths pertaining to casinos is that the games offered inside are all rigged and set up in such a way that every player will lose, and the casino will win, in the long-run. Though it is true that most games do have a house edge, it is not true that games are literally engineered in such a way that the player is going to lose a specific and exact percentage of the time.

Especially when it comes to slot machines, people think that the fix is in and that the game cannot possibly ever dish out winnings. Before we delve any deeper into this myth, let us start out by saying that it is absolutely not true. In fact, most casinos nowadays are audited by third-party companies that ensure that the casino is not getting one over on the customer.

Casinos Will Kick You Out If You Win Too Much

In the movies, you always see a player who strikes it big being escorted out the casino, or worse, being taken into some back room and being stripped of their winnings. While this makes for good theater, it is not something that is based in reality. In fact, most casinos encourage the people that have just won large sums of money to stick around in hopes that they will lose it or spend it on the many amenities you find at modern-day casinos.

Every Casino Offers Free Alcoholic Drinks If You Are Playing Games

While it is true that most Las Vegas casinos offer you free liquor so long as you are playing games, this is not true everywhere. In fact, there are even some Las Vegas casinos that do not offer free drinks. In Pennsylvania, for example, it is illegal for casinos to offer free drinks. So while free drinks may exist in some places, it is not something you will find everywhere.

Dealers Will Actively Deceive You

Another big myth in the world of casinos is that dealers, especially talkative ones, will actively work to make you lose money. While it may seem logical that a casino would only hire dealers that will bring them in the most money, the fact of the matter is that no reputable casino operates by trying to scam players out of money. In many instances, not only will you not find dealers trying to take advantage of you, you will find that many dealers actively help you make the decisions that are most likely to win you money. In games like Pai-Gow, for example the dealer literally exists in order to help walk players through the rules of the game.

Slots Have the Worst Odds of All Casino Games

Many people, while walking through a casino, will look at the hoards of people playing slot games and quietly laugh to themselves. It is a fairly commonplace thought for someone to be of the belief that slot games are ones that will never win you any money. While it is true that slots are, more often than not, not the most profitable game to play, they are not always the worse. The odds of a slot game really vary from game to game, so it would be ignorant to say that all slot games are the same.

You Can Cheat A Casino Out of Money

As surprising as it may be to believe, some people honestly think that it is still a good idea to try and cheat a casino out of money. Not only have security measures pursued by casinos improved dramatically, the way games are set up, cards are made, and dealers are trained makes it nearly impossible to cheat a casino out of any substantial amount of money. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to cheat a casino out of any sum of money whatsoever.

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