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Windows Online Casinos & GamblingMicrosoft Windows ushered in a revolution in home computing and has held a dominant position in the operating system market ever since. With the popularity of mobile devices these days, Android has surpassed Windows now as the world’s most popular operating system, but as far as home computers go, the overwhelming majority of them do run a version of Windows.

When online casinos first came on the scene, it was only natural that they were targeted towards Windows users, since they represented most of the potential market. Back then you had to download software to play at online casinos, and even today downloaded software play represents the majority of online casino experiences, and software has to be written for a specific operating system.

So with two major operating systems out there at the time, Windows and Mac, it wasn’t a difficult choice as far as having to choose between them for online casino operators. Generally speaking, software was offered in Windows in all cases back then, and if you had a Mac, there would be some things you could get to work with your computer, and some you could not, but you could run anything with Windows, due to its immense popularity.

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As far as online casinos go, the goal generally was to appeal to the masses, and they did have to spend some real money to get this all off the ground, and the focus got placed on Windows software, even more than with software in general. If someone was particularly keen on online gambling, this would serve as a particularly strong incentive to either run Windows or set up their Macs so they could run Windows as well, as many online casinos simply required it to play there.

As the industry grew, online casinos began offering no download versions of their casinos, and eventually just about every online casino offered this, where it no longer really mattered what operating system you were running, as no download allows you to play in your browser regardless.

However, up until recently this not only tended to provide less selection of games to players, it also lacked the high end graphics and performance that dedicated software provided. So to a certain degree anyway, being able to download software was required to get the full experience, and most of it was written for Windows.

Windows Lets You Get The Most Out Of Your Online Casino Experience

Even today, even though a lot of them offer Mac downloads as well, there are some online casinos which only offer Windows based software, requiring non Windows users to either move to a Windows environment or use the no download version.

The thing with online gambling software isn’t just the initial investment of writing the software, it’s the costs of maintaining it, and they do require fairly frequent updates at least. So the squeaky wheel tends to get the grease here, and the sheer number of Windows users compared to other operating systems places it in the prime position to get all the attention they require from online casino operators.

Although this makes far less difference today, and the selection for non Windows players is actually very good, playing on a Windows machine simply gives you access to the best of everything that online casinos have to offer players.

So this might mean access to more games or it may mean smoother running software or more captivating graphics, but what you do know if you’re playing on Windows is that what you get is as good as it gets at an online casino, and as good as it gets as far as selection of online casinos go, as this includes all of them.

This is not to say that you need to be running Windows, but if you do, you’re all set to be sure.

Enjoying Windows Online Casinos

If you’ve played at an online casino before, you already know how fun this all can be, although playing certain casino games can be more fun than others, and playing at certain online casinos can also be more fun than playing at other online casinos. Overall though, gambling is simply a blast no matter what you’re playing, it’s the thrill of gambling itself that drives all this primarily, and you can gamble to your heart’s desire.

The first choice you have to make at a Windows casino is whether you want to use the software or the no download version, and no download versions have come a long way, but playing on software is a great experience as always.

Some of the newer casinos don’t even offer software anymore, it’s all no download, but the no download experience these days has been enhanced enough that the experience at some online casinos is at least comparable.

You get it all with a Windows computer though, and the whole world of casino gambling opens up to you fully, and you simply choose an online casino to play at, whichever one you want, and then get ready to have a whole lot of fun trying out all of the games that they have to offer you. Loads of fun made very simple.

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