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Blackberry Online Casinos & GamblingBlackberry devices only have a very small share of the smartphone market, under 1%, with Android and Apple devices now accounting for over 95% of all of the world’s smartphone sales lately.

1% of the worldwide market still does add up to a lot of devices sold though, and Blackberry has always been a particular favorite of business due to the fact that no one else makes a smartphone that has email secure enough for their purposes.

Plenty of people use Blackberry phones for personal use though, and many really like the hard keyboard that tends to come with them, instead of using the on screen keyboard that is typical of smartphones.

Blackberry devices do come with their own unique operating system though, like Apple devices do, although there are many times more Apple mobile devices out there and historically, Blackberry users have found a lesser selection of apps in general than Android and Apple users have.

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Still though, Blackberry is popular enough for software makers to pay attention to, lest they lose out on their business out of neglect, and many online casinos have now started to stand up and take notice of Blackberry users more.

So if you have a Blackberry and want to play at a certain online casino on your device, and the device isn’t supported, then you won’t be playing there and the casino is going to miss out. While it does cost money generally to write software specific to a particular operating system, there are enough Blackberry users out there that many online casinos are now making sure that they do capture your business.

Why Play At Mobile Casinos?

More and more casino players are becoming introduced to mobile casino play as the years go on, and with many of the ones that do, they really become hooked. It’s a lot like before you got your first smartphone, getting on well enough without it, but once you get one, you can’t imagine how you managed without it.

There are some who may be reading this who may be wondering what all the fuss is about as far as online casinos in general goes, but this is one of the things that you really need to experience for yourself to have a good enough idea of, and if you haven’t even tried online casinos on a computer, this is something you definitely want to check out.

Gambling itself is a lot of fun and that’s always been the big appeal of casinos, and with today’s technology, there’s nothing stopping you from playing casino games online on demand. With mobile casinos, this opportunity becomes extended beyond one’s home computer and allows players to enjoy casino action anywhere.

Slot games are particularly popular with mobile gaming, including with a Blackberry. Generally speaking, Blackberries have smaller screens than their competitors, but you don’t need that big of a screen to fully enjoy slots, and can also enjoy table games on your Blackberry as well.

The experience of playing at mobile casinos on a Blackberry is quite good, and this is the reason why casinos often will spend the extra money to adapt their casino software for Blackberry users, because although not a lot of people have Blackberries, a big enough percentage of them love to play casino games on them that this makes it worthwhile for the casino.

Getting Started At Blackberry Casinos

There are two ways to play casino games on your Blackberry, and the first way is one we’ve already mentioned, downloading a version of the casino software, an app, that can be used with a Blackberry.

Some software programs, apps, are specifically designed for Blackberry, while some others can be used with both other operating systems and with Blackberries as well. Some casinos offer this software, and some do not, as of yet anyway, but we’re already to the point where there is a wide selection of top casinos that will let you play there on your Blackberry.

Even more exciting, for Blackberry users in particular, is the new HTML5 browser based casino games that have come out recently. With this, it doesn’t matter what device you have, as anyone who can access the internet on any mobile device can fully enjoy all of the casino games that they roll out this way.

So this really levels the playing field for Blackberry users and the game selection with browser based technology tends to be even more extensive than app based play. In this case, you just visit the mobile casino site with your browser, and the browser just detects what phone you have and lets you play whatever you want immediately.

While playing casino games on a smaller screen may be something that you aren’t used to if you’ve just played on a computer on a big monitor, playing on a phone does have several advantages, they are compact, they have a touch screen, and they of course can be taken with you and played anywhere.

So things are continuing to open up as far as playing at mobile casinos with a Blackberry, and are already at the stage where this should be something that you should give a try with if you haven’t already.

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