Break Da Bank Slots

Break Da Bank SlotsBreak Da Bank is an online slots game that’s powered by Microgaming software. This game has 3 reels and 5 paylines. It has a fun theme to it that revolves around a bank heist. Even though it’s a classic slots game, it still has some great features that add more excitement and chances to win for the players to enjoy. Microgaming is one of the leaders in the online slots gaming industry, and this lets players know they can count on Break Da Bank to be a high quality game that’s worthy of their time. The Break Da Bank slots game offers players a great combination of features and options.

This article will go over the Break Da Bank online slots game in a way that educates anyone thinking about playing it on everything it has in store for them. The design, the denominations, the payouts and the special features will all be gone over at length. By reading this information, players will get a real sense for Break Da Bank.

How to Play the Break Da Bank Slot

Break Da Bank is a classic slots game that gives players more chances to win through its 5 paylines. This game has a fantastic looking design. Bright greens, purples, yellows and blues help give it a vibrant appearance that does a good job of capturing a player’s attention the moment it appears on their screen. The paytable is located on the right side of the screen. The large-sized reels are located on the upper left portion of the screen. The totals and buttons can be found along the bottom of the game. The spin button is the large one furthest in the lower right corner of the gaming screen.

Break Da Bank is a good game for players with different sized budgets. The bets start at 5.00 and go up to 125. However, the bet values increase in increments of 5, which may limit players with extremely small gaming budgets. The 5 paylines offer players more chances to win than some of the other classic slots that only have a single payline.

The symbols on Break Da Bank include a variety of bar symbols, dollar signs and the Break Da Bank logo symbol. Three of the any bars will pay out 5, three of the single bars will pay out 10, three of the double bars will pay out 40, three of the triple bars will pay out 80 and three of the dollar signs will pay out 160.

Break Da Bank Bonus Features

The Break Da Bank online slots game doesn’t have a lot of the bonus rounds and special features that a player would experience if they played one of the more complex 5 reel video slots, but it does have a fantastic look, 5 paylines and a wild symbol. The wild symbol can help the players come up with a lot more winning combinations when they spin the reels.

The wild symbol on Break Da Bank is the logo symbol and it comes on the reels to replace all of the other symbols in the game. This wild symbol also helps the player earn multipliers. When one of them helps create a win it will give the player a 2x multiplier and when two of them are used in the creation of a win the player will be given a 4x multiplier. Getting three of the wild symbols brings something very exciting the player’s way; it gives them the top jackpot, as long as they have placed the maximum bet.


Break Da Bank is a Microgaming powered online slots game that provides players with the chance to enjoy a less complex game that’s still capable of producing amazing results. The classic design is great for players who are looking for something a little more low-key than the more involved 5 reel slots. However, the impressive look of Break Da Bank, the helpful wild symbol and the top jackpot make this a game that players can have a fantastic time on.

I generally come online to play the more involved video slots, but sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and enjoy something a little more on the basic side. Break Da Bank ended up being a great slots game for those times. I really liked the overall design it had and it proved to be a lot of fun. From the moment I started playing, I could tell the game was going to perform well and I was right. I was also glad to see that the wild symbol came up so often. I definitely plan on playing Break Da Bank more in the future. I would suggest for other players online looking for a fun classic slots game to also give this one a try. It proved to be both entertaining and profitable.

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