Break Da Bank Again Slots

Break Da Bank Again SlotsBreak Da Bank Again is a Microgaming powered online slots game with 5 reels, 9 paylines and fantastic special features. This game offers fans of the classic styled Break Da Bank game with the chance to enjoy many of the same elements in a more complex design. This game has fantastic colors, fun features and a very exciting gaming environment that’s still player friendly. Fans of the original Break Da Bank slots game will be glad to see some of the same symbols in this game. However, it also introduces new ones that help to give this slots game its own look.

This article will go over the Break Da Bank Again slots game in a way that introduces those interested in playing it to everything it has to offer. The design, the denominations, the payouts, the bonus rounds and the other special features will all be gone over at length.

How to Play the Break Da Bank Again Slot

The Break Da Bank Again slots game is an entertaining one that gives players plenty to look forward to. The first thing they will notice is it is designed with great colors. The prominent colors are purple, green and yellow. These colors go well together and give the game a vibrant appearance. The reels take up most of the gaming screen and this allows for large symbols with plenty of details. The paylines are colorfully numbered along both sides of the reels. The totals and buttons are listed along the bottom portion of the screen, with the spin button being in the bottom right corner.

The Break Da Bank Again slots game is a great choice for players who are working with a more limited to middle of the road gaming budget. The betting values range from 0.01 to 0.50 coins per spin. The minimum bet on this game is 0.09 on the 9 paylines. The maximum bet allows for a total bet of 45 coins.

There are high ranking card symbols in Break Da Bank Again and they make up the lowest paying symbols in the game. The 10s pay out 50 for 5, the Jacks pay out 50, the Queens pay out 70, the Kings pay out 70 and the Aces pay out 90. The other symbols all come together to help bring the theme of the game to the forefront. The stack of coins pay out 200 for 5, the check pays out 500, the stacks of money pay out 750, the gold bars pay out 1000 and the gemstone pays out 1500.

Break Da Bank Again Bonus Features

The game’s logo symbol has bright green lettering and it serves as the game’s wild symbol. It comes on the reels to replace the other regular symbols. This helps to create more winning combinations for the players. When the wild symbol is used in the creation of a winning combination, that win will be multiplied by 5x. This makes the wild a very profitable symbol in this game.

The scatter symbol in Break Da Bank Again is the vault. Getting three of the scatters will give the player 15 free spins, getting four of them will give the player 20 free spins and getting five of them will give the player 25 free spins. The free spins feature allows the player to enjoy spins they don’t need to spend credits for and this makes the wins 100 percent pure profit. The wild symbol can also show up during the free spins feature. When the wild helps create wins during this feature, it also gives the player an impressive multiplier that’s worth 25x.


The Break Da Bank Again online slots game has a lot of great things to offer players. It’s a good game for anyone who also enjoys the original Break Da Bank game, but would like to try something with a little more to it. It’s also a fantastic choice for players who like bright colored games with the basic special features. Break Da Bank Again also offers low to mid-range slots players a game that they can afford with their gaming budget. The multipliers also help make it a profitable game.

Although I generally go for the video slots with plenty to offer, I really like the original Break Da Bank game. It was great for the times when I did want to play a classic slot. For this reason, I knew I had to try this game as well. I’m glad I did, it proved to be a lot of fun. The game is an easy one to fit in my budget, even on the days when it’s a bit more on the conservative side. Anyone else who’s looking for a fun online slots game to play should give the Break Da Bank slots game a try. It has a lot of great elements to offer.

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