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Microgaming is a very large online gambling solution provider which provides software to the online casino industry as well as software for online poker, bingo, sports betting, and other online gaming, as well as to the land based casino industry.

Microgaming has been there from the very start, and their software launched the world’s first online casino all the way back in 1994. So they boast a lot of experience, and this is all experience at the forefront of the industry, as they have been a leader in casino software ever since.

Microgaming is based out of the Isle of Man, an island off the coast of Britain. They provide casino software to a great number of online casinos, many of which offer Microgaming software exclusively, although the approach with newer casinos is to offer games from several software makers to provide more variety and also focus more on quality.

Even though they have benefited a lot from ongoing exclusive deals with several major online casinos, casinos who are not in any such arrangement often select at least some of Microgaming’s games to stand alongside the best from other popular casino software makers.

Microgaming Slot Games

Microgaming Is Truly A Force In Online Gaming

Being such a large company as Microgaming, and having intimate knowledge of the market and what it takes to succeed in it, and in particular, what players want, is a big advantage. Microgaming has deep pockets, much more so than most other software makers, and aren’t afraid to hire top talent to make sure that their offerings are kept current enough to be competitive with the games that competitors may offer, even the most innovative ones.

There has been a real push towards innovation lately as far as casino software goes, with the emergence of several smaller companies, some of which aren’t so small anymore, making games that players have really taken to, allowing them to really take off in popularity.

So this has resulted in a real shakeup of the industry among the old guard, which Microgaming is certainly part of. With the market now a lot more opened up now, with a lot more companies playing significant roles, this has served to really improve things quality wise, as players now have a lot more selection available as far as good casino software makers go.

This has stood as a challenge to the big companies like Microgaming, but Microgaming has shown that they are up for the challenge, and isn’t sitting idly while this all takes place and their market share erodes.

In particular, they have come up with a new brand of casino games called Quickfire, which looks to provide an answer to some of the newly successful software makers by competing with them more directly in the white label casino world, the smaller casinos that have been taken over so much by this newer software out there.

This helps address one of the big chinks in the armor of Microgaming, having to do with the licensing agreements with their main software, and the Quickfire powered by Microgaming brand is designed to appeal and be used by sites who may offer games from a selection of software companies, who may be seen by players as more hip, but Microgaming now has its own more hip version so to speak, fully taking advantage of all of the latest technology.

Microgaming has for years been offering both a download and a no download version, with the download version offering the best quality gaming experience, and the no download version being a watered down version of that so to speak.

This is how the industry as a whole operated for many years now, but times are changing, and Microgaming certainly doesn’t want to be left behind by any of this, and are looking to integrate advances in internet technology more and more. They may have been a little behind at first, as bigger companies tend to be slower to react, but they are poised to meet the challenges of the business as the technology continues to improve.

Microgaming’s Games

Microgaming offers not only a huge assortment of games, of a proven high quality, over 800 in total, they also allow casinos who use their software to network the casinos for the benefit of providing larger progressive jackpots.

The jackpots with Microgaming’s games are the largest out there, as their software is extremely popular, and many very large casinos offer their games. Many players demand to be able to play games such as Mega Moolah, with their 7 and even 8 figure jackpots, and this has really helped Microgaming keep a firm foot in the top 3, along with longtime rival Playtech and newly minted giant NetEnt.

A lot of Microgaming’s slots appear on the list of the most popular slots in the world, and their sheer size also allows them to maintain exclusive licensing agreements for various games. They put a lot of work into their games which are up there in quality and popularity with anyone’s, and in spite of the fact that most of their games are played in download format, and that going out of fashion a bit lately, downloading software is pretty easy, and their download version is impressive indeed.

Microgaming offers a full selection of top quality casino games, everything you would ever want to play, and not all casinos offer their full line but the full line is extremely impressive. Many do offer a big selection of their games, and while players often argue about who makes the best casino games, Microgaming is at the very least always part of the discussion, as they deserve to be.

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