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Marvel was founded in 1939 in New York City by publisher Moe “Martin” Goodman. He had already published several Western themed magazines and was looking to get into the growing comic book business. He decided to start a company called Timely Publications and launched a test comic book based upon superheroes called Marvel Comics #1.

In spite of being called a comic, these publications weren’t meant to be amusing, they instead were action based, with the first one featuring the characters Human Torch and Sub-Mariner.

It was a big hit, and Timely Publications became Timely Comics, and more superheroes were introduced, like 1941’s Captain America, rolled out at the beginning of WWII.

In the 1950’s, the company changed to Atlas Comics, and more superheroes were added, as well as the line branching out to a variety of other themes beyond the superhero ones. Superhero comics remained their bread and butter though, and they compiled a very long list of heroes, some of which even remain popular today, many decades later, such as Spider Man, The Hulk, and the X Men.

The company eventually got renamed again, to Marvel Comics, and went through a number of other name changes throughout the years, finally now settling on Marvel Worldwide, now owned by Disney.

Marvel has amassed a lot of success over almost a century now, and although the comic book market is a niche market, especially today, many of their brands are household names and have been licensed out to produce a number of other properties, including television shows and feature films.

Marvel Slot Games

Marvel Slots – Powered By Playtech

In addition to their comics and other business interests, Marvel licenses their brands to the online casino business, and currently has an exclusive deal with leading gambling software maker Playtech, who produce a number of Marvel themed slot games.

Even though we may think of comic books as a relic of the past, they still have a passionate following, although a lot of the revenue of these brands now comes from the licensing end of things, as they are much in demand and this is well exemplified by the demand for Marvel slots at online casinos.

The online slot software business often entails a fight for licensing agreements with popular brands, and the money spent on this licensing is often well spent. Slots in general tend to rely on brand a fair bit, to create themes, and when you can go with a popular brand instead of a more generic one, that often helps drive the popularity of the slot.

The idea here behind Marvel Slots is to promote the sales of Playtech’s software package overall, where online casinos have to feature Playtech casino software if their players are to gain access to Marvel slots. A lot of slot players love playing these slots, so this does indeed drive more business for Playtech, as there’s no other way for online casinos to satisfy the demand from their players for these popular slots.

Many casinos of course do not offer Playtech software or Marvel slots, but if you are keen on playing them, you will have to play them at a site that runs Playtech casino games, which is the whole point behind the exclusive licensing deal.

The Marvel Slots Lineup

Marvel slots are like an all star team of Marvel characters. Spider-Man is of course represented, perhaps the most famous Marvel character of all time, and one that has certainly stood the test of time as well, and has been very well popularized across the media. There are two Spiderman themed slots that can be played, Spider-Man and Spider-Man Revelations.

Sub-Mariner, one of the original characters of the very first Marvel comic, is still around. Captain America, a long time favorite, also has his own slot. There are two separate Fantastic 4 slots. The popular character Iron Man has 3 different slots to choose from.

Another hugely popular Marvel character over the years is the Hulk, and of there are two Hulk based slots. The X-Men have been very popular, especially of late, so of course they have to be included in the lineup.

Other Marvel slots include ones for The Avengers, Electra, Daredevil, Blade, Wolverine, Thor, The Punisher, and Silver Surfer.

All of these slots are designed to entertain of course and the fact that they are using popular comic book characters only adds to the appeal, especially with fans of these characters.

We may think that a lot of this is just marketing hype, and it is marketing, and it may even be hype, but in the end it is hype that is effective in attracting and retaining the interest of many slot players.

All slots are themed for a reason, and if you’re going to go with a theme, you may as well go with an exciting and action packed one, and if you are already familiar with the character being featured already, well all the better.

So Marvel slots are very popular and very likely will continue to be, as these characters have really stood the test of time, a very long time indeed, and are likely to be around for a lot longer.

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