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Mac Online Casinos & GamblingThe Macintosh, better known these days as the Mac, has a long history, dating back all the way to 1984 when Apple rolled it out to an excited public, as the first personal computer with a graphical interface. Prior to that, computers were just basically glorified computing stations, and the Mac finally brought them to life and ushered in the personal computer as we know it today.

It’s been over 30 years now since this computer was first introduced, and Apple has maintained its leading role in computer innovation ever since, and along the way have attracted millions of dedicated followers.

Apple’s primary vision has always been centered around user friendliness, and in spite of only having about 7% of the world’s home computer market these days, these 7% of users are very passionate about their Macs, sharing the same passion as the company who makes them.

With the majority of the world’s computers being Windows based machines though, this has served to place Apple computers and the Mac at a somewhat unfair disadvantage at times, and the online casino business has been no exception here.

Although Macs have always represented a significant enough portion of the home computer market, for whatever reason, online casinos for a long time haven’t really paid as much attention to Mac users as they should have, although fortunately this has really improved a lot fairly recently.

It is true that it costs money to write software, and casinos already spend quite a bit of money on their software as it is, and therefore in a lot of cases they have been reluctant to produce downloadable software for the Mac.

This has caused Mac users to need to look at various workarounds at times to be able to play at the online casinos of their choice, and although there’s always been a way to do it, and there even has been some casinos who have offered their software in Mac compatible format for quite some time now, things are at least getting better. We’re not there yet completely but we’re plenty close enough.

Getting Access To Online Casinos With A Mac

The first, and most obvious solution to this problem is to simply choose casinos which offer software which works with Macs. More and more casinos are now offering this option, although it’s not the case that all do yet, and some don’t. They should though, but if you want to play at an online casino that doesn’t, you will have to use other means.

Due to the fact that not being able to access certain programs has been, and still is an issue, some Mac users will use a workaround that allows them to switch their operating systems to a Windows based one as required.

This may seem like a good idea, but on the other hand, this involves additional expense and sort of defeats a lot of the purpose of owning a Mac. If you wanted a Windows computer you would have bought one. Still though, this is a viable choice if necessary.

More and more casinos these days are offering no download play, mostly based upon flash, and Mac computers happen to be compatible with flash software, so that solves the problem right there. You don’t have to worry about software being compatible if none is needed.

The only problem here is that online casinos tend to offer a reduced number of games with flash, and the graphics and gameplay tends to be of a lesser quality, although the difference isn’t enough that players should be dissuaded in any way. Also, even though there may be less games that are accessible in the flash format, there are more than enough to satisfy even hard core online casino players.

Things Are Therefore Good For Mac Users and Keep Getting Better

Apple’s current Macs are beautiful machines indeed, and while Macs have always been more expensive than a comparable Windows machine, many people feel that they are well worth the additional expense.

If you own a Mac or are considering buying one, the good news is that if you also enjoy online casino games, you now enjoy way more access to online casinos than you will ever need, and very high quality online casinos at that.

Online casinos are paying attention to Mac users a lot more these days than they used to and the industry is coming to understand better that keeping Mac players happy is very good business indeed for them.

Today, there are lots of great sites which offer Mac downloadable software alongside their Windows versions, and the flash based games have come a long way as well, with a lot of new and very good casinos not even offering software anymore and offering flash games which compete very well against the best software based games out there.

Unless there’s a particular casino which is behind the times but one you still really want to play at badly, there’s no longer any need to play at online casinos by switching to a Windows environment or even having to settle for second class flash games.

Many Mac owners feel strongly that they own the best computer around and there’s no longer any reason to miss out on the very best that online casino gaming has to offer.

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