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Linux Online Casinos & GamblingLinux has been around as an operating system since all the way back in 1991, being created as an operating system of the people, in contrast to the commercial operating systems of Windows and even Apple.

Some users have fled Microsoft Windows over the years in favor of the cooler operating systems that Apple has designed, but a small number of people have taken this a step further and moved to Linux.

In spite of being an open source program, Linux is a very robust one, and is the operating system of choice on virtually all the fastest supercomputers in the world. The main reason is that it is more streamlined and although Windows and Apple cater to the masses, and mass commercial software in particular, and Linux is set up to more cater to the more demanding tech savvy crowd.

Since Linux is not mass marketed, its following remains small, at least as far as home computing goes, with only about 1.6% of desktop users running it. Linux is a big hit with smartphones though, and plays a lot bigger role in mobile computing, mostly because it is being selected by virtue of its own merits in mobile applications and doesn’t have to rely on marketing so much.

Linux users are very dedicated toward this operating system and many of them contribute to its further development, being an open source platform that combines the efforts of a large community of developers to further its evolution and progress.

Linux users do tend to be more sophisticated than your average computer user, at least as far as desktop users go, where it needs to be actively selected, as opposed to Android users where Linux is built in to a large degree and users rarely are even aware of their devices even using Linux.

Due to its lack of popularity, there isn‘t much popular software written for Linux, although the gap has been narrowed a lot over the years as far as what you can do with a Linux based machine.

Some Of The Advantages Of Linux

At least some of the appeal of Linux is that when you use this, you are outside the box, and there are quite a few people who take a dim view of commercialism, especially with companies like Microsoft, and would prefer not to be in a position where they may even feel like they are being held hostage by this mega corporation.

Aside from whatever principles one may have here, a lot of users are at least somewhat annoyed at what they perceive as a lack of user friendliness with Windows, which most users may not be all that aware of because they haven’t experienced anything but Windows over their lifetime.

So this is a large reason that some desktop users have been driven to Apple, and Linux takes this to another level, being created with the user in mind, pretty much exclusively, as opposed to more commercial concerns, which can be seen as treating their users more like captives than customers.

So Windows releases a new operating system and there may be some things you don’t like about it, but it is what it is, and people just accept that. Some don’t though, and some move to Linux.

The sheer mass of Windows users makes it much more susceptible to security concerns than Apple users, because there are a lot less of them, and this applies doubly to Linux users. It’s not that Linux is hack proof, it’s mostly a matter of the hackers being a whole lot less interested.

The way a lot of Linux users put it, Windows may be prettier on the outside, but Linux is prettier on the inside, and a lot of people care more about the outside but they care more about the guts of the thing, user friendliness in particular.

Access To Online Casinos With Linux Desktops

Online casinos used to offer play to Windows based machines only, for the simple reason that the overwhelming majority of desktops run it. People buy a computer and unless it’s an Apple machine, it comes with Windows, so this has allowed Windows to dominate the operating system market.

Even Apple machines have been well behind here, and even today there are a lot of online casinos which do not even offer Apple compatible software. Writing computer software is expensive, and if this is seen as too expensive to justify the cost, it just doesn’t happen.

As the online casino scene progressed though, some casinos started offering browser based play, where dedicated casino software didn’t have to be written, and all you really need in order to play now was flash capability.

This opened the door for non Windows based users, at sites which didn’t offer Apple based software, and it also opened the door for Linux users. The Linux market is way too small, even today, to justify its own software being created, but there are more than a few Linux users who enjoy playing at online casinos.

The first option, and one that many players consider to be the best these days, is no download casinos, which may or may not have downloadable software, and no download casino technology has come so far lately that quite a few of the newest and hippest online casinos just offer no download and don’t even offer software anymore.

Linux users do need to download the latest version of Adobe Flash, but it’s an easy download if you don’t have it already, and then you’re all set.

Linux online casino players can also install a program called Wine, which is an emulator and will run Windows based software and alter it so that it is compatible with Linux. Players can also install both Windows and Linux under a dual boot format, although this requires a lot more disk space, among other issues.

There’s so many good no download casinos these days that these other options are no longer required, and online casino players who are running the Linux operating system are now free to enjoy some of the best online casino action in the world, without having to exit or alter their favorite operating system.

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