Wolf Run Slots

Wolf Run SlotsWolf Run is one of the fantastic online slots games powered by reliable IGT software. This allows players to enjoy a game that runs smoothly and has great graphics. Wolf Run has an exciting wolf and Native American theme. Wolf Run has 5 reels, 40 paylines and those much sought after special features players have come to appreciate so much.

This article will go over the Wolf Run online slots game in a way that educates those interested in playing it on all that it offers. The entire design, the denominations, the payouts, the bonus rounds and the other special features will all be covered.

How to Play the Wolf Run Slot

Wolf Run is inviting, with its great colors and bold symbols. The story really jumps out and invites the players to become a part of everything going on with it. The large reels allow for nice-sized symbols with plenty of detail. The game’s totals and buttons are all lined up along the bottom section of the screen. The game also has an autoplay feature that players can set from 10 to 50 spins. This allows the player to enjoy reels that spin on their own, so they won’t need to keep clicking on the spin button at the conclusion of every spin.

The fact that this game has 40 paylines means there are plenty of opportunities for the player to come up with winning combinations each time they spin the reels. Players can bet anywhere from 1 to 50 per payline in this game, with the maximum bet being 2000 coins. This gives the player the flexibility they need in order to keep the game within their budget.

There are colorful high ranking card symbols in Wolf Run and they make up the lowest paying symbols in the game. The 9s pay out 100 for 5, the 10s pay out 100, the Jacks pay out 100, the Queens pay out 100, the Kings pay out 150 and the Aces pay out 150. The other symbols all go right with the theme and help pull the story together. The smiling tiki pole pays out 250 for 5, the tiki pole with wings pays out 250, the white wolf pays out 400, the silver wolf pays out 400 and the wolf howling at the moon pays out 1000.

Wolf Run Bonus Features

The symbol that depicts the wolf howling at the moon is the wild symbol in the game and replaces all of the other symbols, except for the bonus symbol. The frequency at which this symbol comes up makes it a very profitable one for most players who spend time on Wolf Run. It is also the symbol that pays out 1000 for getting five of them.

The bonus symbol in Wolf Run is the one that’s clearly marked as such and it can take players into the fantastic free spins feature. In this feature, the player can enjoy free spins and that means the prizes they win in the feature will all be 100% profit and risk-free. In order to trigger the free spins, the player must get three or more of the bonus symbols on the center three reels. For three of the symbols, the player will be given 5 free spins. The wins earned during this feature will all be doubled, helping the player out significantly when it comes to their payouts. The bonus symbols are also known for showing up quite a bit in this game and that means players should be able to look forward to many free spins when they play.


The Wolf Run online slots game has a colorful look that gives players an exciting environment to play in. The game is reliable, has great graphics and includes just enough special features to make it exciting, without making it complicated. This makes it a good choice for players with all levels of online slots gaming experience. The theme is a popular one in the online gaming industry and this is why most players will want to make sure they give this game a try. Its theme is put together in a strong manner and it has a lot of special touches that help bring it to another level.

I have always been a huge fan of both Native American and wolf online slots games. For this reason, the Wolf Run game was a no-brainer. As soon as I started playing it, I started seeing the wild symbol and plenty of winning combinations. Along with producing good results, it also had fantastic graphics and symbols that I really liked. I think this is a game I’ll be playing a lot more of in the future. I would also suggest for anyone else looking for another great slots game to play to go ahead and give Wolf Run a try. It may prove to be one they also look forward to playing much more of.

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