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Star Trek SlotsStar Trek is an online slots game with a very entertaining look to it and a theme that is based around Star Trek itself. Star Trek is much more than simply a popular show, for many it has become a hobby, an interest and even a lifestyle. That’s what makes this game such a popular one. Those who are huge fans of Star Trek will become fast fans of this game. Those who may not be Star Trek fans, but still have an appreciation for great games will still find this game to be a fantastic choice. The game features 5 reels, 30 paylines, great special features and plenty of amazing chances.

This article will serve as a fabulous review of the Star Trek online slots game. By reading all of the information that’s provided in this review, players will get a real sense for everything it offers and what it will be like to play the game. The design, the layout, the coin values, the payouts, the bonus rounds and all the other special features will all be gone over.

How to Play the Star Trek Slot

The Star Trek online slots game has that fantastic Star Trek theme, but what’s even better about the theme is the way in which it’s presented. The whole game is exciting to look at. The Star Trek online slots game has clean, straight lines and this makes it easy to play. In fact, it is a great game for everyone from brand new online slots players to the most experienced online slots players. The game is set up with large reels, large symbols and large gaming buttons. All of these things helps to give it a simplified look, as well as features that make it better looking and easier to see, even for those who may have vision problems.

The Star Trek online slots game will prove to be a financially friendly slots game for many. The denominations start out at just 0.01 and they go up to 10.00. The player can also activate the number of paylines they want and with 30 paylines, this gives them a lot of choices.

There are high ranking card symbols on the reels of this game, and they have been designed in a way that helps each one of them to look as if they fit right in to the game’s theme. These symbols not only fit in, but they also make up the lowest paying symbols in Star Trek. The 10s pay out 100 for 5 of them, the Jacks pay out 100, the Queens pay out 100, the Kings pay out 100 and the Aces pay out 125. The other symbols will all look familiar to Star Trek fans and they make up those higher paying ones in the game. These symbols are made up of characters right out of Star Trek and they payout anywhere from 300 all the way up to 1000.

Star Trek Bonus Features

The Star Trek online slots game has a lot of bonus rounds and special features that make it even more fun and increase the players chances of getting even more prizes. There is a wild symbol in Star Trek and it comes in the form of the Star Trek logo symbol. When it shows up on the reels, it takes the place of the regular symbols in the game to form more winning combinations.

There are four bonus features in Star Trek, something that’s not all that easy to find in the online slots games. These bonuses include Kirk’s bonus, Spock’s bonus, Uhura’s bonus and Scotty’s bonus. They offer such features as free spins, increased wild symbols, extra scatter symbols and multipliers. This impressive number of bonus features helps to make the game one that offers players an impressive number of opportunities each time they decide to log on and play it.


The Star Trek online slots game is one that will impress those who play it from the first spin all the way until they decide to log off. Even players who aren’t a real big fan of Star Trek will still find that there’s a lot to like about the game. It has a very clean and player friendly design that’s made even better by fantastic graphics and animations. The bonus rounds also help to make the game even better.

I’m not really a fan of Star Trek, but I am now a big fan of the Star Trek slots game. I was drawn to it right away and once I started to play, I learned that it really is a game that’s just as fun as it looks. Those great bonus rounds show up a lot and they helped me to earn a lot of extra prizes. I will be spending a good amount of time on this game in the future and I would suggest it to other online slots players as well.