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Noah’s Ark
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Noah’s Ark is an adorable online slots game that puts a cartoonish spin on the biblical story of Noah. Noah was instructed to build an ark in preparation for the up and coming 40 day and 40 night flooding of the Earth. Noah’s job was to build an ark that would be large enough to support his family and a pair of all the living creatures on the land. The game does a fun job of presenting this story. Cartoon style symbols depicting cute animals in pairs can be seen throughout the game, many of which are sticking their heads out the portholes of the ark.

This article will introduce players to the great design of Noah’s Ark, as well as discuss the coins, payouts and bonus features. By learning as much as possible about the game before they play, players will know they are taking advantage of everything that it has to offer.

How to Play the Noah’s Ark Slot

Noah’s Ark is a 5 reel slots game that’s powered by IGT software and has 30 paylines. The game makes it look as if the reels are the wooden panels in the side of the ark. Each of the symbols in the game add a lot of personality to it and make it enjoyable to play. All of the gaming buttons and options are lined up along the bottom portion of the game. The paytable can be viewed by clicking the pays tab located in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Players can activate anywhere from 1 to 30 paylines, allowing them to enjoy a wider betting range that accommodates their budget. The bet levels start at 0.01 and go up to 10.00 per spin.

Along with many adorable looking creatures, the game also has high ranking card symbols on the reels. The Jacks, Queens and Kings pay out 100 for 5 of them and the Aces pay out 200. The other symbols can have one or two of the animals looking out the ark’s portholes. Symbols showing two animals looking out the same porthole will count as two symbols. For this reason, the symbols will pay up to 10 and this number isn’t that hard to achieve. The turtles pay out 1000 for 10, the camels pay out 1000 for 10, the elephants pay out 1000 for 10, the hippos pay out 1000 for 10 and the lions pay out 2500 for 10.

Noah’s Ark Bonus Features

The Noah’s Ark symbol is wild and it will replace the other normal symbols when doing so results in winning combinations. When the wild is used to replace the animal symbols, it will count as two of them. Getting 5 of these symbols will pay out 10000.

The doves are the scatter symbols in Noah’s Ark and getting four of them will pay out 2x the total bet. Getting 5 of the dove scatter symbols will give the players 5 free spins and 6 will give the players 10 free spins. There are additional symbols in the free spins feature. In the raining free spins round the alligator pays out 1000 for 10, the ostrich pays out 1000 for 10, the blue zebra pays out 1000 for 10, the mountain goat pays out 1000 for 10 and the giraffe pays out 2500 for 10.


Noah’s Ark puts a colorful spin on the biblical story of Noah, and the extremely likable creatures on the reels help to give the game an easy going vibe. This game is so well done that players will have a great time playing it, whether or not they believe in the religious story of Noah.

Each animal depicted in the Noah’s Ark game has a charismatic look to it. They can be seen curiously poking their heads out of the portholes while smiling and some are even waving, as if to say hello to the outside world. The reels appear to be created out of wooden panels of the ark and the colors are vibrant.

I had the best time ever playing the Noah’s Ark slots game. Seeing the different animals make their way around the reels brought a whole extra level of excitement to the game. It is also loaded with great opportunities and runs smoothly. I played the game longer than I normally do because I was having such a good time on it. Both the scatter and wild symbols showed up a lot for me and helped me to see more winning combinations and other features. My favorite animals to see on the reels were the turtles and the elephants, they were adorable. I think this is a great game for any online slots player to try. Whether or not they believe in the story of Noah and the ark, they should still find the game to be a lot of fun and potentially very profitable.