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Natural Powers is an online slots game that has a comic book theme. The results of each spin actually looks like players have opened a new page of a comic book. When the game loads, four different comic books will appear on the screen in a way that introduces players to the various bonuses the slot has to offer. The symbols in Natural Powers fall into place from above, rather than spinning on reels the way they do in most slots games.

This article will help players get a good look at the Natural Powers slots game, so they know just what to expect from it. The design and layout, the betting range, the bonuses and all the other features that help create this fantastic game are explained.

How to Play the Natural Powers Slot

Natural Powers is an online slots game that’s powered by IGT software. It has 5 reels and 40 paylines. This is a large number of paylines for a slots game to have. The game features four comic book heroines that include Wind, Earth, Fire and Ice elements. There are text bubbles around the characters, similar to the bubbles that go around the exclamatory text portion of comic books, such as the words, “BAM!” and “KABOOM!”  When different features are triggered, the players will be taken through a comic book view of that heroine’s backstory while exciting sound and voice clips add to the experience. The game buttons are all along the bottom of the screen and they are each inside of their own text bubbles and colored as if they are part of a comic book.

The game has 40 paylines that are fixed and this means they will all be activated for each spin.  The stakes begin at just 1 coin and go all the way up to 30 coins. This helps to make this game good for players working with all-sized online slots gaming budgets.

Each one of the symbols in Natural Powers adds to the story in one way or another. The fire and ice symbol will pay out 100 for getting 5 of them, the Earth and wind symbol will pay out 100, the Ice heroine pays out 300, the Earth heroine pays out 300, the fire heroine pays out 800 and the wind heroine pays out 800.

Natural Powers Bonus Features

Any winning combination will activate the freefall feature. In this feature, the symbols that are used to create the wins will disappear from the screen, making room for new symbols. New symbols will then freefall down into place. If these new symbols also create wins, then the same process will repeat.

The wild symbol in Natural Powers will show up to replace all the other symbols to create wins, with the exception of the bonus symbols.

At the conclusion of a spin, one of five random bonus features can be activated. The wind feature will blow all of the fire and ice symbols off the reels. This leaves spaces that will be filled by new symbols, which can create more wins. The fire feature will burn all wind and Earth symbols from the reels. The Earth feature will cause a random pattern of symbols to be removed from the reels. The ice feature will cause a random pattern of symbols to be frozen off the reels.

When there are two bonus symbols on the reels, the whole super team may show up and cause another bonus symbol to appear. If this happens, then the free spins feature may begin. At the start of the free spins feature, the player will click on the heroine of their choice to pick the amount of free spins and the size of the multiplier they get. Great animations will be shown on the screen with sounds that are just as exciting.


Natural Powers is such an entertaining and impressive online slots game. Not only does it have a comic book theme that’s very fun, but it also has a lot of bonuses and special features that bring more chances for great prizes.

I was amazed by the bright colors and fantastic characters of the Natural Powers online slots game. There wasn’t anything about the game that I would have changed, it seemed as if it has been designed with me in mind. I got a kick out of the animations that helped to tell the history of the heroines. The sound effects and voices also helped to give the game even more pizzazz. This is a game that I plan on spending plenty of time on from now on. Anyone looking for a game with a lot of entertaining features will want to be sure they try Natural Powers. It will be especially important for comic book fans to give it a try.