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Harley Davidson
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Harley Davidson SlotsHarley Davidson is an online slots game that’s powered by IGT software. It has a fantastic theme that does an excellent job of capturing the attention of many players. Anyone who has an appreciation for motorcycles, specifically Harleys, will find this game to be a great choice for them to spend time on. Harley Davidson is a 5 reel video slots game with a creative juke box look, fantastic graphics and progressive jackpots.

This article will go over the Harley Davidson online slots game in a way that introduces it to anyone who thinks they may be interested in giving it a try. The design, the layout, the coin values, the payouts, the bonus rounds and the other special features will all be described.

How to Play the Harley Davidson Slot

The first thing players will notice about this game when they see it come up on their screen is it has a great look. It’s just the thing for anyone who wishes they were on a motorcycle, or who is simply looking for a great game to spend time on. The bright colors are also real attention grabbers. The lines are clean as well and this makes the game a good choice for players who are new to playing the online slots games. The game has been put together in a manner that gives it a juke box look and this is just one more thing about it that gives it a unique look. It has a 5×3 reel design to it and 3D graphics that add to the excitement level players feel when they are on it. The game’s buttons are easy to find since they are lined up along the bottom of the screen.

The Harley Davidson online slots game is a good choice for players who are worried about sticking to their online casino gaming budget. Players can bet as little as just 0.01 per line and this is what makes it a good game for smaller budgets.

The fact that the Harley Davidson online slots game has progressive jackpots up for grabs means there is the potential for some large wins. The progressive jackpots grow in size by the way in which they are designed. They are set up so that a small percentage of each bet placed on the game over the entire network will get added to the jackpots total. This total will continue to grow and grow until some lucky player wins. They will win the entire progressive jackpot and if allowed to grow large enough, this can mean a life changing amount of money. Once the progressive has been won, the jackpot will reset to a starting point, so it will never be at 0. This means another player can come along shortly after and still win a good amount of money for themselves.

Harley Davidson Bonus Features

Besides the progressive jackpots, the big feature the players will be excited about having the ability to trigger is the classic tank bonus round. This feature can offer the player the wheel spin feature where they can earn more credits for themselves. Or, they can also be given the great opportunity of hitting one of those great progressive jackpots. The progressives on this game include the chrome, steel and leather progressive jackpots. Leather offers the smallest jackpot working up to chrome which can produce the largest.

When the bonus round is activated, the player will be taken to a screen where they will see 15 Harley designs. The player will choose one of them to reveal their prize. Players will also be given a chance to spin the wheel of fortune which means even more chances for great prizes.


The Harley Davidson slots game is just the thing for Harley riders or just motorcycle lovers in general. The game is a new one, which offers players the chance to enjoy something fresh. It runs on IGT software, so players can trust in it to perform well. The game moves fast and even the special symbols will load quickly for players. The fact that there are several progressive jackpots means players will have a lot of hopes for ending their gaming session with a fantastic win under their belt. Harley Davidson is an impressive game that should prove to have what it takes to gather a lot of fans for itself once it starts to gain momentum.

I have always had a big appreciation for great looking motorcycles. For this reason, I knew I would want to play the Harley Davidson slots game the moment I learned of its existence. This game is such a fantastic choice for so many players. Bike enthusiast players who appreciate progressive jackpots or just players looking for a great looking game will all find it to be an excellent choice to spend their time on.