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Ghostbusters SlotsGhostbusters is an extremely popular and very exciting online slots game powered by IGT software. Just as the name suggests, the game is based on the blockbuster movie of the same name. The members of the Ghostbusters team’s voices can be heard throughout the game, as well as musical sound clips. The symbols include pictures of the main characters from the movie, as well as items from it. There is no denying what the game is about at first glance and anyone who liked the movie will love playing the slots game.

This article will provide players with a thorough review of Ghostbusters, detailing the design, denominations, payouts, bonus rounds and other important information. One of the major benefits that this game offers is some very exciting bonus rounds that revolve around scenes right out of the movie.

How to Play the Ghostbusters Slot

Ghostbusters has an exciting looking design to it that’s user-friendly. The Ghostbusters name is in large print right above the reels and it’s shown in the same style as it was in the actual movie. Also surrounding the reels is the neighborhood where the Ghostbusters headquarters is located. The entrance to the headquarters can be seen poking out from behind the reels on the right side of the screen. However, the reels is where the real action takes place with the characters making their way on the screen with amusing expressions on their faces. The game totals and buttons are all on the bottom part of the screen. The pays icon is on the upper right corner of the screen and clicking it will open the paytable.

Ghostbusters is a 5 reel and 30 payline slots game and players must play all 30 paylines each spin. The player must also play 50 coins per spin. The coin values can be changed and they start at 1 cent.

The ecto goggles will pay out 100 for 5, the energy meter pays out 100, the proton pack pays out 125, the Ghostbusters car pays out 125, the ghost trap pays out 125, Louis Tully pays out 150, Winston Zeddemore pays out 200, Peter Venkman pays out 200, Egon Spengler pays out 250 and Ray Stantz pays out 250.

Ghostbusters Bonus Features

There are two wild symbols in Ghostbusters and they are the green ghost and the purple ghost. They replace the regular symbols on the reels when doing so will make winning combinations.

There’s a ballroom busters bonus players can trigger by getting the slimmer bonus symbol with the bonus symbols. In this feature, players are given five proton shots to fire at different items in the ballroom in an attempt to find the Slimers hiding in or behind those items. Finding Slimers can bring 2x to 5x multiplier bonus.

Getting the Ghostbuster bonus symbol with the regular bonus symbols will trigger the free spins round where players will be given 8 free spins. The free spins are played on 40 lines, 10 more than the base game has. Marshmallows will fall from the sky and when they stick, they will lock in place and become wild. Some of them will be eaten and turn into instant prizes.

There are four mystery features that can show up at the conclusion of a spin in the base game. These features include a 2x to 5 x multiplier, a cash award, wild reels or extra wild symbols. These features can show up often, adding a lot to the excitement to playing the game.


Ghostbusters is a very impressive online slots game that not only has a fascinating design based after a blockbuster hit, but is also loaded with many great bonuses. Each spin of the reels on this game brings many opportunities for players. The game can end up paying out quite well for those who are lucky enough to make good use of those bonuses and who gets plenty of winning combinations.

I love Ghostbusters and I watch it every chance I get. The moment I saw this Ghostbusters slots game powered by IGT software, I knew I had to play it. The first thing I noticed was the main characters are all over the reels with their silly expressions and this alone made me smile. Then, there were fantastic sound clips that sound like they came right out of the movie.

I was able to trigger many of the fantastic bonuses and there are quite a few of them offered. I was able to afford to spend quite a bit of time on Ghostbusters, due to its flexible betting range. I think anyone who enjoyed the movie should be sure they seek out this game and give it a try. It performs well, looks just like the blockbuster hit and will keep them on their toes with all the special features that are up for grabs.