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Fire Horse
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Fire Horse is a fantastic unique online slots game with a great look and many opportunities for those who decide to play it. This game is an entertaining video slots game that features a 720 ways to win design. The game’s appearance is one of the many impressive things about it. The game has such an exciting look to it that will capture the attention of many. There is a fire and ice horse theme that makes this game very attractive.

This article will serve as a detailed review of the Fire Horse online slots game. Anyone who thinks they may be interested in playing it can use this information to determine whether or not it is a good fit. They can also learn what it is that makes it such a fantastic game. The design, the coin values, the payouts, the bonus rounds and the special features will all be covered.

How to Play the Fire Horse Slot

The Fire Horse online slots game is a very bright and colorful game that does a great job of capturing a player’s attention the moment they see it. The game’s staggered reels and hot background help to give the entire slot a creative touch that’s hard to walk away from without playing. Each one of the symbols in Fire Horse have their place in the story and have been designed in a way that helps to make them all spectacular looking. The game is easy enough for even the newest of online slots players to jump right on, but exciting enough that the most experienced players will also have a fantastic time on it.

The Fire Horse online slots game is a good one for players with a variety of budgets. From low stakes players all the way to high rollers, everyone can have a fantastic time on this game. The minimum bet on Fire Horse is 0.50 and the maximum bet is 500.

There are high ranking card symbols in the game and they are designed to go along with its looks well. The Jacks pay out 50 for 5, the Queens ay out 50, the Kings pay out 100, the light blue coin pays out 100, the red-orange pot pays out 125, the blue ice horse pays out 300, the red fire horse pays out 400 and the Fire Horse logo symbol pays out 1000.

Fire Horse Bonus Features

There is a wild symbol in the Fire Horse online slots game that will come on the reels to replace the other symbols and create winning combinations. Players will easily spot the wild symbol since it has the word “wild” on it. The wild symbol can come on the second, third and fourth reels and there are only two symbols it can’t replace which are the scatter and free spins symbols. These wilds can appear as stacked wilds which helps increase the chances of more wins.

The ice crystal scatter symbols can give the player more wins. Getting three of them can give the player 2x their bet, four of them can give the player 10x their bet and five of them can give the player 50x their bet.

Getting five of the purple stone symbols can give the player free spins. While the player is already in the free spins feature, the player will be able to trigger more by then getting 5 of the turquoise stone symbols.

The game has a multi-way extra wins design to it where players have a lot of ways in which they can create winning combinations. The entire layout of the game is different and caters to that unique arrangement.


Fire Horse is a fantastic online slots game with a very unique look to it. The fire and ice design helps to give players a slots game that isn’t like the others and this will add to the excitement of playing it. Along with a look that’s unique, it also runs fast, so players can enjoy the entire gaming experience. The special features in the Fire Horse online slots game bring those who play it a lot more chances of earning prizes along the way.

I found the Fire Horse online slots game to be such an appealing one. I knew right away that it was a game that I had to play and could count on to offer me a fantastic time. As soon as I started to play the game, I started to see the special symbols show up and began activating special features like the free spins. The graphics really stand out and all the features load fast. This is a game that I plan on spending a lot more of my time on in the future and I would suggest for other online slots gaming enthusiasts to give it a try as well.