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Elvis SlotsIGT is known for offering some of the best online slots games in the online casino gaming industry. This is due to them providing high quality slots games with strong themes and exciting special features. Anyone looking for a fun game to play should consider trying the Elvis – A Little More Action online slots game. It gives players a great gaming environment and is themed after Elvis himself. This gives the game an appearance that will do a great job of drawing in a lot of players who are lifelong fans of The King himself. Along with everything else that this game has to offer, it is also a 5 reel online slots game with an impressive number of paylines to offer; 50 of them in fact!

This article will serve as a helpful review of the Elvis online slots game. Anyone who is thinking about playing it will be able to learn just what it has to offer them when they play by reading this information. The design, the denominations, the payouts, the bonus rounds and the other special features will all be described.

How to Play the Elvis Slot

This online slots game has a great look to it. The way in which it is designed does make it a little more complex. Therefore, brand new online slots players will want to take a quick look at the rules before they play. However, it is still simple enough with regards to its layout that they will be able to catch on quickly and get to having a fantastic time playing it. Very experienced online slots players will find the Elvis online slots game to be a great one with regards to giving them those extra special touches that they like to have the ability to enjoy in the online slots games.

The Elvis online slots game is a good one for a variety of online casino gaming budgets starting with those middle of the road players on up. This is due to the fact that players will be able to spin the reels for a minimum of 1.00 per spin and this is a bit on the steep side.

When it comes to the symbols, players will find that this game is very devoted to Elvis. While there are high ranking card symbols on the reels, all of the other symbols are strictly dedicated to The King. The 9s will pay out 100 for 5, the 10s will pay out 100, the Jacks will pay out 100, the Queens will pay out 100, the Kings will pay out 150 and the Aces will pay out 150. Elvis sitting and playing an instrument will pay out 250 for 5, Elvis with blue and black checkers in the background will pay out 250, Elvis with the red background will pay out 500 and Elvis with the blue background will pay out 500.

Elvis Bonus Features

The symbol that depicts Elvis in front of the red lights that spell out his name is the wild symbol. It replaces the regular symbols in the game to create more wins. Also, getting five of the wild symbols will give the player a payout that’s good for as much as 5000.

The symbol that depicts Elvis and the word “bonus” is the symbol that can take the players to the free spins round. In order to activate the free spins feature, the player will need to get at least three of these symbols. Players can get more free spins during the feature by getting more of the symbols on the reels.


The Elvis – A Little More Action online slots game is one with a theme that makes playing it a no brainer for anyone who is an Elvis fan. The game is full of graphics that Elvis fans will appreciate seeing making their ways around the reels. Along with that great Elvis theme, this game will also prove to offer players a secure and fast moving online slots gaming environment. The game also has a nice color to it and the layout makes it good for even the newest of online slots players once they familiarize themselves with the rules. Anyone who is a fan of Elvis will appreciate all of the personality that was put into the design of this game to help make it a game that represents him well.

I have always been a true Elvis fan. I love his music, his movies and his ability to capture the hearts and attention of so many people, even after his demise. For this reason, I always make it a point to play Elvis themed slots games. This one is one of them that is a high quality game and that has many special features to offer. Anyone else who is an Elvis fan should also try it.