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Da Vinci Diamonds has become one of IGT’s most popular online slots games. There are many reasons for this popularity. Not only does the game run fast and smooth, but it also has a great theme and clean design. It has a cartoon style to it and the symbols include many beautiful gems and other works of art, such as the Mona Lisa. The game is reminiscent of the Renaissance period, with plenty of elegant and artistic details that help get this point across perfectly.

In this article, players will be introduced to many of the things that has already helped this game to gather much interest. The wonderful design will be looked at in detail, educating players on different facts they should be aware of. Also, the denominations, payouts and bonus features will be covered, so they can jump right on it and begin taking advantage of all it offers.

How to Play the Da Vinci Diamonds Slot

The Da Vinci Diamonds game is surrounded by a pitch black background, causing all the great colors in it to really pop. The reels are encased in an elegant gold frame and the payline numbers are set in colorful gems that line both the left and right sides of the game. Instead of having reels where all the symbols are attached to them and they spin, this game has symbols that each move on their own, falling into place in a seamless manner. When winning combinations are formed, the symbols involved in the win will disappear and more symbols will cascade down to take their place, until no more wins come up. All the game buttons and options can be accessed along the bottom section of the game, except for the paytable; it can be viewed by clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

The denominations on Da Vinci Diamonds begin at just one penny and go up to $5.00. Players can bet as many as 5 coins at a time on a single payline. The large jackpot on Da Vinci Diamonds is worth a win of 25,000 credits.

Getting 5 of the amber gems will pay out 80, the jade gems will pay out 100, the ruby gems will pay out 100, the Lady with an Ermine pays out 300, the Da Vinci symbol pays out 500, Mona Lisa pays out 1000 and the Da Vinci Diamonds logo pays out 5000.

Da Vinci Bonus Features

Along with offering players a great base game to enjoy, this slot also gives them some bonus features to bring things up a notch. One of the special symbols players want to watch for comes in the form of the pink gem wild symbol. It will come on the reels to replace the regular symbols in the game when doing so will make a winning combination for them.

There is also a pink gem bonus symbol in the game that will take players to the free spins feature when they activate it by getting at least 3 of the symbols on the reels. The free spins will play on all 20 paylines at the amount of the last bet placed in the base game. More free spins can be triggered when already in the feature, up to an amount of 300 spins. There are different symbols during the free spins round and they include the square topaz, hexagon sapphire, teardrop amethyst, the pearl and a double diamond Da Vinci Diamond logo. These will pay out 80, 100, 150, 200 and 500 respectively.

There are 3 different scatter symbols that also come in the form of Princess Fine Art symbols, and these pay out 20, 25 and 30 for 5 of them.


Sometimes there’s an online slots game that stands out and does a great job of gaining recognition as one that has many things to offer. Da Vinci Diamonds is definitely one of these games. IGT software has done an excellent job of putting this game together in a way that pleases players. The cascading symbols that fall into place add just one more element to the game that helps make it unique.

I tend to prefer games with bright graphics and strong themes. I was drawn to Da Vinci Diamonds for both of these reasons. I decided to give it a try, and my first instinct was right. It was a blast to play and I was also pleased with the results I saw. For me, the bonus rounds seemed to be very easy to activate. The free spins feature seemed to take a long time to get through, and that was just fine by me! Anyone else who also likes the games with brilliant colors should be sure to try Da Vinci Diamonds, it is one online slots game that won’t disappoint them.