Cleopatra Slots

Cleopatra SlotsIGT has done an excellent job of offering players an Egyptian themed game they will love with the Cleopatra game. This slots game contains all the little extra touches one would expect to see in a game titled Cleopatra, plus many others. Not only does it offer a smooth gaming experience, but it also has bonus features and chances for big wins. With 5 reels and up to 20 lines to activate, there’s plenty here for players to enjoy with each spin.

This article describes Cleopatra in great length; explaining the design, covering the denominations, going over the payouts and explaining other features players will have available to them. The wild symbol is one symbol players will see a lot that can help them greatly on Cleopatra.

How to Play the Cleopatra Slot

Cleopatra has a flashy gold border surrounding the reels, with some great hieroglyphics along the top for an added touch. Thin strips designed with the use of Egyptian themed colors separate the reels from one another. The gaming options are all along the bottom portion of the screen and there is a small wrench in the lower right corner players can use to control the game settings. They can view the game’s paytable by clicking the pays button in the upper right corner.

Cleopatra can be played for as little as just a penny, but players can also go up to a max bet of $10.00 per line bet. The game can pay out an amount of up to 10,000 when a max bet has been placed. Players can activate anywhere from 1 to 20 betlines.

Cleopatra contains 6 high ranking card symbols that offer players smaller wins. However, they can still be helpful in keeping wins coming between those larger payouts. The 9swill pay out 100 for a winning combination of 5, the 10s pay out 100, the Jacks pay out 100, the Queens pay out 100, the Kings pay out 100 and the Aces pay out 125. When it comes to the other symbols, they can be quite generous. The hieroglyphic eye will pay out 250 for a winning combination of 5, the flail and crook will pay out 250, the gold hieroglyphic symbol will pay out 400, the gold and blue flowers pay out 750, the scarab pays out 750 and Cleopatra pays out 10000.

Cleopatra Bonus Features

Cleopatra is the wild symbol in the game and will replace the other symbols to make more winning combinations happen. The only symbol that it won’t be able to replace is the sphinx scatter symbol. When this wild is used in a winning combination, it will cause the amount of that win to be doubled.

Getting 3 or more of the sphinx scatter symbols on the reels will trigger the free spins round. All of the wins will be tripled during the free spins, with the exception of the win for getting 5 Cleopatra symbols. Players will be able to trigger more free spins while already in the feature. The maximum amount of free spins they can get during one round is 180.


Cleopatra is one of those online slots games that captures a player’s full interest at first glance. This game is powerful and it has the elements that players have in mind when they log on to play. Along with a captivating theme, it also has a design that falls right in line with the story and brings everything together for an awesome display.

Cleopatra is run on IGT software and this means slots players can count on the game to provide them with an error free atmosphere. While the graphics are very good, they won’t overwhelm most systems, allowing the reels to spin fast. The activated special features also load quickly. A lot of elements from the culture have made their way into the game. A beautiful voice that one can assume is supposed to be Cleopatra will send the player well wishes at the start of the game. This is a nice touch that gives the slot a more personal feel. Her voice will also be heard throughout the game when she praises players on their wins.

As a serious fan of the online slots, I like to look specifically for games that have something different about them. Cleopatra is one that offered quite a few things I found to give me a more unique gaming experience. The first thing I liked was the fact that so many Egyptian symbols and icons could be seen on the reels. It also helped that the voice was so pleasant and the sound effects were appropriate for the game’s theme. I feel the Cleopatra game is one that online players should try and consider adding to their list of games they regularly play. It worked out great for me, giving me plenty of wins along the way and entertaining me during those rare, slow periods between wins.

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