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Bubble Craze SlotsBubble Craze is a one-of-a-kind online slot that doesn’t resemble a slots game at all. In fact, this game resembles Bubble Pop, a game that gained much popularity on smart phones and led to the development of many other games of this fashion. This is part of what makes the Bubble Craze game such a fantastic idea for a slots game. It mixes the elements game players tend to enjoy the most. Even with the different design, there are still some elements the game maintains that are similar to a traditional slots game.

This article will cover the design of Bubble Craze, as well as the denominations, payouts and other features the game has. This will familiarize players with the game, so they know just what to expect from it.

How to Play Bubble Craze

Instead of the reels you would see on a regular slot machine, there is a screen with the faint shadowing of different colored bubbles. In the center of this screen, a hexagon-shaped gathering of bubbles will pop, then more will appear to take their place. The bubbles will float up from the bottom portion of the gaming screen and land in place. Depending on the pattern in which they show up, some may burst, some may change colors and some may offer a payout. The bubbles come in red, blue, green, purple, yellow, orange, brown and silver.

The object of Bubble Craze is to get bubbles to come up aligned in a position that offers a payout. Completing a group of four or more bubbles of the same color can earn the player a payout that’s 10x their stake. The coins, coin value and total bet information and options are on the lower left corner of the screen. The autospin option and balance information is on the lower right corner of the screen and the spin button is on the middle right side of the screen.

The minimum bet on this game 0.50 and the maximum is 50.00 per spin. There are different variations of Bubble Craze that allow players to play for penny coin values all the way up to dollar coin values. This allows players to enjoy this game, no matter what their budget is.

Players can win 10x the amount of their bet for getting four brown bubbles, all the way up to a massive win of 10000x the amount of their bet for getting 19 silver bubbles. There are only 19 bubbles on the screen, so this means every bubble must be silver for this win.

Bubble Craze Bonus Features

Bubble Craze offers players the chance to get multiplier bubbles that will multiply the amount of their wins. Some of the bubbles will come on the screen with either a 2x or a 5x inside of them. If one of these multiplier bubbles lands in a win, then it will multiply that win. Only one multiplier bubble can be used per spin and it will be the higher paying one by default.

Some of the bubbles have a pattern of arrows inside of them and they are referred to as the transform bubbles. These bubbles can cause all the other bubbles surrounding them to change color to match their own color. This can cause the player to achieve a pattern of 5 bubbles of the same color.

The game also has the equivalent of a free spins feature in which the bubbles will reset for free. To activate the free spins feature, players must get at least three of the bubbles that have what looks to be atoms inside of them. A great thing about the free spins round in this game is every free spin will result in a win of some type. Transform and multiplier bubbles can also appear during the free spins feature. This bonus can lead to some very large and helpful wins.


Bubble Craze is a colorful and fun slots game that’s perfect for those times when slots players don’t want to play a regular game with the more traditional design. Along with having an entire design to offer that’s different, it also has special features like the free spins that offer more chances to win.

The first time I saw Bubble Craze, I knew this was one game I had to give a try. I’ve always been a big fan of the bubble pop style and bejeweled type games. I had a great time on it and I now plan on playing it much more in the future. It was very easy to get free spins, and they offer a lot of wins when you are in the feature. This is one game I would definitely recommend to anyone that comes online looking forward to playing a slots game that’s like nothing they’ve played before.