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Battleship SlotsThe Battleship online slots game is one with a fantastic look and an exciting theme. Battleship allows players to enjoy a slots game that’s based off of a popular board game. The entire design of Battleship brings excitement and great opportunities to players who want to spend their time on a high quality slot. Along with its strong theme and fantastic appearance, there are also many other great features and elements such as wilds, bonuses, multipliers and more.

This article will serve as a helpful review of Battleship that will educate potential players on everything that it has to offer. The entire design, the coin values, the payouts, the bonus rounds and the other special features will all be gone over at length.

How to Play the Battleship Slot

The Battleship online slots game has such an impressive design that it does a great job of capturing a player’s interest right away. The look is a combination of a cartoonish design mixed with a touch of the military. The background has a very dark blue look and the symbols are made up of colorful icons. This helps the symbols to pop and makes the game enjoyable to play. The totals and buttons are all lined up along the bottom of the gaming screen where they are all easy to quickly locate with one’s eye. The buttons are designed in a way that makes them look like displays on military grade vehicles.

The Battleship online slots game is a financial flexible game that meets the gaming budgets of most online players. 1, 5, 10, 20, 30 or 40 lines can be activated per spin. Players can also bet anywhere from 1 to 20 coins per payline.

There are high ranking card symbols in Battleship that make up the lowest paying symbols. The 9s pay out 40 for 5, the 10s pay out 40, the Jacks pay out 50, the Queens pay out 50, the Kings pay out 50 and the Aces pay out 75. The other symbols include a variety of military vehicles and personnel. The chopper will pay out 100 for 5, the jet will pay out 150, the medic will pay out 200, the female military personnel will pay out 300, the male military personnel will pay out 400 and the Battleship logo symbol will pay out 1500.

Battleship Bonus Features

There is a wild symbol in the Battleship online slots game and it comes in the form of the Battleship logo symbol. This symbol replaces others to create more wins for the players. The wins that are created with the help of the wild symbol will be doubled. Also, getting five of them will give the player a payout that’s good for up to 1500! This wild also comes stacked and this means more chances for more wins.

There is a scatter symbol and it is the symbol with the word “bonus” written across it. This symbol will take the player into the free spins feature when they get at least three of them. When the feature is triggered, the player will go into a fun bonus round where they get to enjoy a Battleship style round. A screen will appear with battleships and the player will need to click on some of those ships. This will lead to them revealing the amount of free spins and multipliers they are going to be able to enjoy during that feature.


Sometimes there is an online slots game that’s so exciting players just know it is going to offer them that extra something they can’t get in most other games. The Battleship game is this type of game. It gives players the chance to enjoy a high quality game with great graphics, but it’s the fantastic bonus round that really sets it over. Anyone who’s a fan of the Battleship board game will love the bonus round here that allows them to enjoy a true Battleship battle. The wild symbol is also known for making its way onto the reels of this game quite a bit. This will help those who play the game to see a lot more wins during each gaming session.

Battleship was one of my favorite games to play with friends and family when I was a kid. In fact, I have played it as an adult and even played it not so long ago. Having the chance to enjoy the game in an online slots game format was something I would never have expected and something I couldn’t pass up the chance to enjoy. I’m very glad I gave the Battleship online slots game a try, it was a lot of fun. The game was presented in a way that made it so much fun and it had special features that really added to the overall gaming experience. Anyone else who is a fan of Battleship should be sure they also give this game a try.