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Sometimes it’s nice to spend time on an online slots game that’s different than most of the others. It adds an extra sense of excitement to things when players can have a good time on a game that’s not like all the rest. The Apollo Rising online slots game is one such game. It is powered by IGT software, has 5 reels and an amazing number of paylines. In fact, this game has an impressive 100 paylines, and this means a whole lot of ways to win for those who spend time on the game. The number of paylines it has isn’t the only thing that makes it look different. It has a whole layout that stands out, with a longer gaming screen and buttons that look like a control panel.

This article will cover the Apollo Rising online slots game in a way that educates anyone interested in it on everything it offers. The design, the layout, the denominations, the payouts, the bonus rounds and the other special features will all be gone over with great detail.

How to Play the Apollo Rising Slot

The Apollo Rising slots game has a look to it that should do a great job of capturing the full attention of just about anyone who sees it pull up on their screen. The background has an outer space look to it with stars and dark blue colors. The reels in Apollo Rising are long, going up and down. In most other online slots the reels tend to go the other direction, from left to right. The game’s name with its creative logo are located near the upper right corner and the totals and buttons are in the lower right corner. This puts the long reels covering the entire left side of the screen. The spin button is a huge yellow one in the center of the other buttons. Shooting stars and comets can be seen flying through the sky at times which adds a nice touch to the game’s look.

Apollo Rising will prove to be a good game for those mid-stake players up to those high rollers. The 100 paylines are fixed and this means players will need to play with all of them activated during each spin. While it means a great deal of chances for winning combinations, it also means heftier bets.

There are different colored high ranking card symbols in the Apollo Rising online slots game. The 9s pay out 50 for 5, the 10s pay out 50, the Jacks pay out 60, the Queens pay out 60, the Kings pay out 80 and the Aces pay out 80. The other symbols go well with the entire design of this slots game and are very creative in their designing. The purple dog astronaut will pay out 100 for 5, the green monkey astronaut will pay out 150, the yellow lady astronaut will pay out 200 and the red man astronaut will pay out 300.

Apollo Rising Bonus Features

Along with a fantastic look, the Apollo Rising slots game also has some special features that make it extra exciting and increase the players chances of seeing more prizes during their gaming session. The game has a wild symbol. There is a rising respins feature that can come on the second, third and fourth reels. When the wild symbol comes on the reels it can expand to cover the entire reel, creating an exciting looking rocket ship that is wild. The players will be given free respins while the wild symbol makes it easier for them to create winning combinations.

The fact that this online slots game has 100 paylines is something players shouldn’t take for granted. It means there are a lot of chances for them to make wins along the way and it is something that really helps this game to outshine the other online slots games.


Some players like to hold out for those online slots games that offer them something special. They don’t want to just log on and play your everyday average game. These players should make sure they go ahead and try their luck on Apollo Rising. The game offers them a unique look and a gaming experience that’s also different.

I am one of those players that likes to see something different in a slots game before I get too involved with it. The Apollo Rising game had the main things I tend to look for. It had a fun look, a lot of paylines and special features that stood out and added to it. Once I started to play the game, I knew it was going to be a fun ride. I ended up spending much more time on the game than I had planned. I also plan on coming back to it again.