Online Slots Tournaments

Online slots tournaments present a different way for you to enjoy online slot play, all while potentially winning big. An online slots tournament collects players from other locations and keeps track of the performances of the entire group. At the end, players who performed well can earn any prize money that has been offered by the website.

Online SlotsFor many people, real money online slots provide an even better experience than actual slot machines in casinos. You get the same game play and a pretty good approximation of the sights and sounds the machines have to offer. All of that comes with none of the hassle that you have to deal with when playing in a land-based casino.

Online slots tournaments give players another chance to experience an event that is often popular at casinos. Players are given a certain amount of time to accumulate winnings on an online slots game. They are then awarded monetary prizes if they perform better than others in the tournament.

In the following article, we’ll explain what you need to know about online slots tournaments. We’ll explain how they work, how you can get involved, and what kind of payback you can expect. In addition, we’ll answer some of the most pressing questions often asked about online slots tournaments.

How Online Slots Tournaments Work

Getting involved in online slots tournaments can be an exciting and different way to enjoy your online gambling action. It also might appeal to your competitive instincts. Let’s take a look at how they work.

Websites Offering Slots Tournaments Online

You’ll often see the gambling websites that you choose advertising slots tournaments. There will usually be a set time frame during which the tournament will be held. It’s also possible that sites might individually invite players based on the action they provide, in which case, the entries could be limited.

In this way, the gambling websites can draw in players from all over the place. To participate, they all must be logged in and ready to go at the assigned time. Different players can compete against each other, which is unusual in the online slots world where it’s usually just one person playing their own game.

Rules of Online Tournaments

Obviously, specific rules for online tournaments will depend on the website setting it up. But the general expectation would be for you to have a specific amount of time to compete. During that time, you’ll attempt to run up your bankroll as much as possible.

Slot ReelThe online slot tournament administrators might set up all players with a certain bankroll, like 200 credits for example, to begin play. They also might start everybody with zero credits, in which case it’s possible that you could go into negative credits when you play. In any case, they’ll be tracking the performances of all the players involved.

At the end of the allotted time, the website will determine which players have done the best. Money or prizes will be determined according to the rules of the tournament. Tournaments can be winner-take-all, or they might also pay several places in the order of finish.

What You Can Win Playing Slots Online

Again, this will all depend on the specific tournament you’re playing. Some factors for potential payback in online slots tournaments include:

  • The number of players involved
  • The amount of buy-in required
  • How many places are being paid out

From there, payback could be determined in a number of different ways. For example, a website could payout by percentage. It would tally up all of the entry fees, take out its cut, and pay in a manner such as this:

  • First place: 50%
  • Second place: 25%
  • Third place: 12%
  • Fourth place: 8%
  • Fifth place: 5%

In any case, if you can manage to perform well enough in an online slots tournament, you can expect payback to be pretty solid. This is especially the case if it’s a tournament that requires a buy-in at the start. Payback for an online slots tournament that is free to enter would likely be more modest.

Advantages of Playing in Online Slots Tournaments

You might wonder how playing in online slots tournaments is any different from simply playing on your own for your money. In actuality, there are specific benefits you can enjoy from this experience that you can’t quite get from single-person play. Take a look at some of the most important.

Excitement of Slots Tournament

When you play a real money online slots game, it can be exciting when you win, for sure. But sitting down and simply spinning the reels for hours can seem like a grind. That’s especially the case when those winning spins seem few and far between.

But playing online slots tournaments can offer a different kind of thrill. First of all, there’s the pressure of the time limit. The ticking-clock aspect of it can really provide a rush.

On top of that, it can be thrilling if you find yourself doing well and outperforming other tournament players. That kind of competitive aspect is something that’s missing from single-person play. In other words, online slots tournaments provide an entirely different perspective on play that can really ramp up the excitement level.

Budget Control

One of the hardest things about playing online slots the normal way is knowing when to quit. If you win, you can sometimes try to push it even further and end up losing all the gains you’ve amassed. And when you lose, you can be tempted to chase those losses, which is a sure way to hurt your gambling account and, in turn, your personal finances.

But with an online slots tournament, you don’t have the option of straining your budget. Once you make your initial buy-in payment, if there even is one, that’s it. Your financial commitment is over at that point.

In that respect, online slots tournaments are a great way to keep your gambling budget under control. And it’s also a way to get good return on investment if you do perform well. In addition, you can be assured of keeping that return in place, because you won’t be able to keep going and putting more at stake past the end of the tournament.

Potential Real Money Payback

MoneyOne of the characteristics of online slots is that the expected payback percentage is less than ideal. Compared to other games such as blackjack or video poker, you’ll be a bit behind the curve, on average, playing online slots.

But online slots tournaments can help you in that department. First of all, if you can get into a free online slots tournament with payback involved, you can ensure that you don’t lose any money. And if you manage to place in the tournament, you will come away with a nice profit.

On top of that, winning an online slots tournament gives you the chance to win big without hitting a jackpot along the way. You might be able to be one of the top finishers with a series of smaller wins and bonuses. That can raise your potential payback without altering the odds of the particular online slots game in any way.

How to Choose the Best Online Slots Tournaments

Low Overhead

By overhead, we mean what the takeout by the gambling site will be. The gambling site will take a cut out of the overall pool as their financial reward for hosting the tournament. If that takeout is high, you’ll be looking at less in terms of potential payback.

Ideally, the site in question will advertise what the takeout is so that you can compare and contrast with other tournaments. The less they take out, the more that will be in the pot for you to win. That’s why you should go into each online slot tournament you play knowing the overhead involved.

Online Slots Preferences

Slots LogoUsually, an online slot tournament will feature everyone playing the same brand of online slot game. If you have a personal preference about these things, you might want to choose the tournament by which game it utilizes.

That feeling of comfort can translate to smoother and faster play, which will help your chances.

Normally, there isn’t any real strategy that you can exert on an online slots game. Still, it stands to reason that your ability to comprehend what’s going on as you spin the reels will help you with any decisions you might be faced with. Even if that’s not the case, just playing a game you like during the tournament will make it more fun for you.

Online Casino Preferences

You should always be aware of the website that you’re choosing to play any online gambling game. This is also true for online slots tournaments. If you choose poorly, you could end up having a bad experience.

If you end up at an unreliable website, you run the risk of having your money stolen, with no chance of recouping your winnings. Even if the website is on the level, it might not have the technical capacity to handle a tournament. Look for a resource that shows the best gambling sites or do the research on your own before committing to an online slots tournament.

Online Slots Tournaments FAQ

  • Are There Online Slots Tournaments That Offer Prizes Other Than Money?

    It’s certainly possible to find tournaments that offer other incentives. For example, if the tournament is set up at a casino website, you might be able to win amenities and perks at the casino in question. You can win free spins or games at the website you’re playing.

    Online slots tournaments offering prizes other than money will most likely be ones without a buy-in. If you do have to pay to get into a tournament, it’s natural to expect some sort of monetary payback in return.

  • How Do Online Slots Tournaments Compare to Casino Slot Machine Tournaments?

    In general, the concept is the same. You’d still be gathering a bunch of people who are playing a type of slots game in an attempt to achieve the best results. And the best performers will be paid accordingly.

    It’s more likely that slot tournaments in casinos will be invite-only events. Casino administrators might use them as perks for high rollers. That also might happen at top online casinos, although such tournaments are not as prevalent in the online realm.

  • Are Tournaments Better Than Normal Online Slots Play?

    Calling one better than the other is inaccurate because everyone who plays online slots will have their own reason for doing so. You might be the type that likes the competitive aspect of tournament play. Or you like online tournaments because of the pressurized environment and close-ended play.

    But it’s also possible that you’ll prefer traditional real money online slots action as well. Neither format is better or worse, just a little different.

Conclusion on Slots Tournaments Online

We hope that you now understand the concept of online slots tournaments. They can provide a nice change of pace from typical play and can be quite lucrative as well if luck goes your way.