Tips for Playing Slots Online

Slot ReelSlots tips offer you the most for your experience. With these pointers, playing online slots games will provide you the best possible chance to win real money. Even though slots prizes are largely the result of luck, there are some online slots strategies you can use to improve your overall outcome. We’re here to provide you with the best of those slots tips.

If you’ve ever played slot machines in casinos, you know how much excitement they can create. But did you also know that online slots provide pretty much the same experience? The atmosphere surrounding you as you play might be different, but you can get the same thrills and, perhaps more importantly, the same profits if things go your way.

As is the case with any casino-type game, there are always ways to improve your chances of winning. That’s why we’re here with some of the best online slots tips to get you started. Once you start following this advice, you’re more likely to understand and enjoy these games far more than ever before.

How to Choose the Best Online Slots

A big part of succeeding at online slots is choosing the right machine. And we don’t just mean the best online slots game in general. We also mean which game suits you the best.

If you know what factors to seek out, the process of picking out these games becomes much easier. With that in mind, here are some of the facets of online slots you should understand

Return to Player

You’ll hear this factor also called payback percentage, but both terms mean the same thing. Return to player, or RTP, measures how much of your bankroll you can expect when all your gameplay is through. It’s usually measured with 100%, the break-even point, as the baseline.

You can expect most online slots games to be in the range of 90% to 99%. The higher percentage, the better you can expect your returns to be over the long haul.

That last phrase, “over the long haul,” is the key to understanding RTP. There are times when, during your individual sessions, your results might be much better and other times when they might be much worse. Once you’ve played the game with regularity for a long time, you can expect results similar to the reported RTP.

Online Slot Variance

Variance measures the ups and downs of your online slots play. With a high-variance game, you’ll have more chances for bigger payouts, but you’ll also run more of a risk of bad slumps. A low-variance game provides more of a stable experience.

You might find it a bit harder to find variance figures for your online slot games, at least compared to RTP (which, itself, can sometimes be hard to find). But if you can pinpoint this factor, you should be able to adjust your bankroll accordingly.

Understandable Gameplay

Online SlotsMany online slots feature multiline action with many different special features that can boost your winnings. But a game that you can’t understand is probably not a good one to choose. It’s never a good idea to spin the digital reels without knowing what’s actually happening.

If you’re just starting out, you might want to choose online slots that are easy to understand. Then, as you get more used to it, you can venture out into some of the more complicated variations.

Online Slots Bankroll Management

You don’t have much control over whether you win or lose individual spins of online slots. But you can control how much money you devote to your gameplay. And that’s an important part of every online slots strategy.

Establishing a Budget for Online Slots Play

It’s alright to occasionally suffer some losses when playing online slots. What’s not alright is continually dipping past your budget just to keep playing, especially when it’s way beyond your means.

Dollar SignGo into your real money online slots play with a firm budget. And don’t go beyond that during your play. You’ll find that this makes playing much more enjoyable, since you know that you’ll be able to afford any real money gambling losses you suffer.

The opposite of this is the process of “chasing” losses. This is when you try to overcome previous losses by continuing to bet beyond your budget, perhaps even more than what you were originally wagering. This is a sure way to financial ruin.

Pace of Play

When you’re playing online slots, you’ll notice how easy it is to play at a rapid pace. You can churn out several spins per minute. This is true for beginning online slots players and veterans alike.

The concern with playing fast is that it could drain your bankroll in a hurry. Try to maintain a steady pace that’s not too out of control. Or maybe take more frequent breaks if you can’t help but spin those reels in a hurry.

Common Online Slots Mistakes

Perhaps the best online slots tip you can receive is to know what not to do. There are common mistakes that beginning players fall for that can hurt your chances and ruin your enjoyment.

We already told you about avoiding the prospect of chasing losses. Here are some more misconceptions about online slots that you should be avoiding.

“Hot” Slot Games

Many online slots players believe there is such a thing as a “hot” game, meaning a slot is “on fire” and should be played. Perhaps you’re hearing other gamblers touting such games as being “loose,” meaning that they’re paying out a lot.

In truth, the RTP is set and doesn’t change. A bunch of wins in a row on an online slots game does not mean that you should expect more.

Every outcome on an online slots game is independent of others that came before it. And what happens on a current spin will have no impact on spins that come afterward. Keep reminding yourself that each spin is random and that your chances of winning never change. That way, you should be able to avoid this mistake.

“Timing” Your Online Slot Bet

This is a misconception that is somewhat related to the one about hot games. The theory is tied to a player who hasn’t won in several spins in a row. As a result, they might raise their bet on a spin from its normal level, assuming that they’re due for a winning spin.

As we mentioned above, every spin on an online slots machine is completely random. When you’re playing the game, a good online slots tip would be to ignore everything that has happened before. And don’t try to guess what’s going to happen either.

Decide the size of your bet based on your budget and how long you want to play the game. Once you’ve done that, try not to change it. That will prevent you from being tempted to time your bets, which is generally a mistake.

Choosing Flash Over Substance

The amount of variety available to online slots players is actually a good thing. You can find all kinds of variations, both those that could be found in a casino and those that are unique to the online realm. As a result, you’ll never get bored with a certain style of play.

Slot ReelBut you have to be careful not to be too seduced by bells and whistles when choosing online slots games. Many of the games with hot graphics, pop culture tie-ins, or other flashy features tend to be a little bit weak in the payback department. The manufacturers are counting on you to fall for the flash and the pop culture appeal.

It’s okay to choose one of these games if your online slots play is more about being casual and having fun. But if you’re really trying to make the most money while playing, you should stick with the RTP and variance as the main factors for choosing a game. If you can find one of the flashy games that also has the substance, feel free to go for it.

Online Slots Tips FAQ

  • Should I Try to Find My Favorite Online Slot Game or a Top Online Casino?

    Ideally, you’d be able to choose a favorite game that is also part of one of the top online casinos. But when it comes to a choice between the two, you’re better off choosing based on the website. A favorable game isn’t worth much if you can’t rely on the site.

    The best online casinos provide you with prompt payments and excellent customer service. In addition, these sites can usually provide you with bonuses that, when you factor them into the equation, will actually increase your RTP. Those factors will usually outweigh whatever advantages you might get from playing a specific online slots game.

  • Can I Hope to Make a Long-Term Profit Playing Online Slots?

    It won’t be easy. Slots are a game which, compared to other online casino games, offer pretty low RTP totals. In order to make a profit, the RTP has to be up in the 99% range. With games like that, online bonuses from websites might be able to push you up over 100% if you can earn them consistently enough.

    But online slots with RTPs that high are pretty much nonexistent. Instead of worrying about long-term profit, think of online slots as a way to strike for big payoffs in the short term. If that’s your goal, look for the high-variance games to give you more jackpot opportunities.

  • Should I Raise the Size of My Bets If I’m Ahead Playing Online Slots?

    If anything, the best online slot tip to consider here is to maybe quit while you’re ahead. The more you play the online slots game, the more likely the game is going to revert to the RTP. And that means your current profits will probably head in the other direction.

    The only time you should think about raising your bets is after taking an overall assessment of your gambling budget. You shouldn’t do it on the spot because you’re a few dollars ahead. That’s a sure way to watch that profit disappear in a hurry.