How to Play Slots on Your Smartwatch

Smartwatch SlotsIf you’re at all familiar with the online gambling scene, you know that mobile gaming is a huge market. The ability to gamble with your smartphone has made online casinos more accessible for people who are on the move or who need a more flexible way to play.

But what if we told you there’s a new way to gamble on the go that’s even simpler?

Smartwatches can be used for way more than just tracking your steps or taking calls. Many real money online casinos have developed specific apps and games that are compatible with smartwatches, bringing mobile gaming to a whole new level.

One of the most popular smartwatch gambling options is online slots machines.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

How Smartwatch Slot Machines Work

Slot games are very popular online. You can play them on any computer or smartphone, but sometimes playing slots on those devices isn’t an option. However, if you have a smartwatch, it might be possible to play slot games on your wrist!

Smartwatch slot games have been paired down and optimized to work on the smaller screen, as well as incorporate important features of smartwatch technology, like touch sensitivity.

Slots are ideal games for the smartwatch because they have simple controls. All you really need to play a slot game are two buttons: A bet option, and a spin option.

The simplicity of slots pairs nicely with smartwatch technology, and is a popular gambling alternative for people that don’t have a lot of time in their day to spend on their phones or laptops.

Smartwatches are often paired with a smartphone to sync data and provide a secure connection. Most smartwatches aren’t built with LTE chips, so your smartphone data will supplement your smartwatch when no WiFi connection is available.

Mobile slots apps on your smartwatch will communicate with the app on your phone, so you are required to keep your smartphone close by when gambling on your watch.

Plus, many casinos are making setup quick and easy, so you can start playing smartwatch slots sooner rather than later!
Smartwatch Slots Gambling

Setting Up Your Smartwatch to Gamble Online

The first order of business is to make sure that your smartwatch is connected to your smartphone. Nearly all new smartwatches are, but if you have an older model, you might need to check with your manufacturer.

Once connected, open the Google Play or App Store on your smartphone, and search for slots games. You can also visit a casino’s website directly from your phone to find their app. Download it to your phone, and then sync it to your smartwatch. That’s all there is to it!

Like we mentioned, it’s imperative if you’re gambling with real money that your watch is connected to WiFi or a stable data source, like your phone.

This isn’t an issue if you’re playing offline or free games, like the games offered on the MyKonami app. These kinds of games don’t require communication with the casino servers to operate or place bets.

Choosing the Best Smartwatch Slots

Because smartwatch gambling is a relatively new venture, you have to be careful where you get your smartwatch slot apps.

Some developers put out individual slot apps for you to play, but their random number generators haven’t been tested and their payment options aren’t secured.

Security is the main concern. Once you download an app, it has access to your smartwatch’s payment information and can charge you for real money without your knowledge. Look out for these red flags when selecting a casino or slots app:

  • The developer’s name isn’t listed on the Google Play store or Apple Store
  • The casinos/apps are free, with no sign up required
  • A developer advertises a quick and easy way to have your watch connected for slot games
  • User reviews have low ratings or complaints about unfairness or no payouts

If you want the best gambling experience on your smartwatch, it’s important that you play at a reputable casino. That brings us to our next topic: the best smartwatch gambling apps out there.

Where to Play Slots on Your Smartwatch

No matter what kinds of slots you like to play, there’s a smartwatch casino app for you! Below, we’ve selected some of our favorite smartwatch slots games so you can get gaming right away!

Wolf Gold – Wolf Gold is a simple nature-themed slot game with potential high jackpot payouts

The Walking Dead Slot Game – This video slot game pairs the dark grungy themes of The Walking Dead with classic slot gameplay.

Lucky Slots – If you’re new to the gambling scene, this slot game is for you! Simple, easy to get started, and most of all, fun!

Double Luck Nudge – This app is unique because it’s been optimized to use smartwatch touch sensation features to make the game feel more realistic.

The Dark Knight Rises – If you’re a fan of the Dark Knight films, this video slot game is one you have to check out.

Thunderstruck II – This Viking-themed game is sure to lengthen your beard and fill your belly with ale! The Thunderstruck franchise is well-revered within the gambling community.

Fishin’ Frenzy – The nice thing about this aquatic slot game is you can customize it based on your style of play. You can play it as a penny slot or as a high stakes slot!

Golden Grimoire – This mysterious, arcane-themed slot machine makes use of five video slot reels and great graphics, especially for a smartwatch game.

Smartwatch Casino Apps

Jackpot City– This app features multiple different slot games all in one app! Jackpot City is a reputable online casino, so rest assured that your information will be kept secure.

Gambino Slots – As the name suggests, Gambino Slots is all about, well, slot! They have plenty of new and old slot games for all levels of play.

Spin Palace Casino – Spin Palace Casino has been in the gaming industry for a long time, so their dive into smartwatch gambling is no surprise. Expect great slot games, as well as some choice table and video poker games.

Microgaming – While Microgaming is a game developer, not an online casino, they produce some of the best games for smartwatches. If you find a game on the App Store that’s made by Microgaming, know that you’re in good hands.

Caesar Casino Slots – This casino app offers tons of slots games if you’re interested in play for free, offline.

Pros and Cons of Smartwatch Slots

Advantages Disadvantages
Simple user interface Small screen size might not be ideal for players with poor eyesight
Discreet gambling for any location Limited app and game selection because it’s a new gaming method
Crisp, clean slot games optimized for smartwatches
Real money and free options
Easy setup and syncing with your smartphone

At the end of the day, smartwatch gambling is a still a very new industry, so the game selection right now is kind of small. But, as more people embrace this new method of mobile gambling, the volume and quality of smartwatch gambling apps will improve!

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Smartwatch Slots and Gambling FAQ

There are still plenty of unknowns when it comes to playing slots on smartwatches and what the future holds for it. Below we have done our best to answer some of the most commonly asked questions we get about smartwatch gambling.

  • What’s the Variety Like in Terms of Different Smartwatch Slots?

    As we said above, if your smartwatch can connect to a browser and do so reliably, you’ll have a lot of variety at your fingertips. Basically, you should be able to play any slots game that can be found on a gambling site. That includes multiline games and some of the hottest offerings found both in casinos and as online-only options.

    In terms of slots created specifically for smartwatches, you’ll have a somewhat more limited choice. But these games might be the most beneficial to you because of the fact that they’re tailor-made for the device. You won’t have to worry about missing something in terms of gameplay.

  • Are There Any Drawbacks to Playing Smartwatch Slots Compared to Online or Casino Slots?

    The main difference is that you’ll be looking at a compressed screen. It might make it a little bit more difficult to discern what’s happening. But that’s something you should get used to after a little while.

    Other than that, gameplay is pretty much the same. It’s just a matter of maybe worrying a bit more about that gameplay going off smoothly without any technical hitches.

  • How Do I Choose a Good Smartwatch Slots App?

    If you’re playing for free, make sure to find one with good customer reviews. Also, try to make sure that there aren’t too many ads interrupting gameplay.

    If you’re playing smartwatch slots for real money, make sure to check resources for top gambling sites and real money gambling apps to make sure that the entity offering the games is on the level. You’ll have your money and your personal information on the line, so you won’t want to make any hasty choices.

  • What Is The Best Smartwatch For Playing Slots Games?

    Most casino and slots apps are compatible with newer smartwatches. We prefer using the Apple Watch series 7 just because it’s fast and easy to use. But you can gamble on your Samsung Gear, Moto 360, and many other Android smartwatches.

  • How Is Smartwatch Gambling Different Than Smartphone Gambling?

    While smartphone gambling apps offer way more variety in terms of games, smartwatch gambling is meant to be simple, discreet, and fun. If you’re looking for to play poker, craps, or other table games, you’re better off playing on your phone. But if you just want to play some simple slots games for real money, you can use your smartwatch.

  • Is Smartwatch Gambling Safe?

    As long as you stick with reputable and well-known casinos or developers, you’re in good hands. Make sure to check the reviews for the app on the Google Play store or App Store before you download an app. Users are the best resource when it comes to choosing the right smartwatch casino.