Smartwatch Slots – Play Smart Watch Slots

One of the latest developments in mobile technology and product design is Smart Watches, which are digital display watches that include wifi, app, chat and text capabilities. While Smartwatches are still a relatively new technology, online casinos have begun developing slots that are Smart Watch compatible.

Obviously this presents unique challenges for slots manufacturers since Smart Watch displays are much smaller than those on cell phones and tablets. Because of this, many providers have started adapting their slot games so that they offer an enjoyable playing experience on the tiny Smart Watch displays.

Right now there are only a few online slots that you can play from a Smart Watch, but we’d expect that as these continue to grow in popularity over the coming years, almost all online casinos will be begin re-designing their sites and games to ensure that Smart Watch players have an excellent user experience.

Types of Smart Watches for Slots

Apple Watch – definitely the most popular smart watch, Apple designed and released this product recently in the market and it’s one of the most stylish options out there right now. It comes in two sizes, 38mm and 42mm and costs approximately $349 making it one of the more expensive options right now.

Sony Smart Watch 3 – Another of the most popular watches, this one from Sony even includes GPS connectivity allowing for navigation right from your wrist. You also have the ability to pair the watch with your headphones and wirelessly stream music from your watch to headphones on the go. The cost for the Sony 3 watch is approximately $249 making it a lot cheaper that the Apple version.

Omate Racer – A sleek looking smart watch that’s lacking on features but offers a nice sporty and rugged design. Although the Omate doesn’t have lots of features like its competitors, it’s a good deal at $129 for people looking for a smart watch that looks nice but doesn’t necessarily have all the frills of others.

Pebble Time – One of the first companies to design and launch this technology, Pebble Time has a wide variety of watches for customers with great features and modern designs. All their watches are fully compatible with iPhone and Android and the standard price for most designs come in at $199.

Garmin Vivoactive – The Garmin smart watches are definitely designed for sports enthusiasts and feature sports tracking for running, biking, swimming, golf and a whole lot more. Priced at $250, the Garmin smart watch is a great option if you are looking for a ton of sports apps and notifications.

LG Watch Urbane – Definitely the James Bond of smart watches, the Watch Urbane has a business upscale design with a 23KT gold casing around the watch. Priced at $350 this is a really good deal if you want a classy looking and classic design with all the features and functionality of a modern smart watch.

Samsung Gear S – One of the coolest features with the Samsung watches it that you don’t need to run it from a phone since it has its own SIM card that controls everything inside the watch. It also includes access to over 1,000 different apps and is moderately priced from $299 at most major retailers.

MontBlanc TimeWalker – One of the most expensive options, this phone also includes an e-Strap which has a Bluetooth connectivity display that can show your incoming calls and messages. Priced at almost $3,200, the MontBlanc is definitely for the most serious of smart watch aficionados looking for luxury.

How to Play Slots at Smart Watch Casinos

Presently the best way to play slots or casino games using a smart watch would be to head to a compatible casino and sign up through desktop, mobile or tablet. Then once you’ve created an account and depositing for real money, you can navigate to their site on your watch and play their games.

We expect that a lot of online casinos will develop smart watch apps in the future so you can easily access all of their content with your existing account, but for now the options are limited for players.