How to Play Multiline Video Slots Online

Multiline video slots represent the modern era of both casino slot machines and online slots play. The screen in multiline slots is much busier than what you would expect from traditional slots. This type of play gives you more ways to win and really speeds up the pace of play.

Multiline Video Slots OnlineTraditional slot machines feature just one possible outcome out of three symbols that appear when the reels appear. But multiline video slots take online slot action up several notches, because you’ll have 15 symbols appearing on the screen. And you’ll have countless different ways to win based on the different combinations available to wager.

If you’re the type who wants your action at a rapid pace, online multiline video slots is certainly the game for you. To win more, you have to bet more. But the excitement these types of games provide, along with the potential payback, can compensate for the risk.

In the following article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about multiline video slots in the online realm. We’ll talk about how they work in terms of the different winning lines and the betting requirements. And we’ll also go into the advantages of this style of play while answering key questions about the process.

How Multiline Video Slots Work

In terms of online play, all slots are video slots. The “video” part of the name is really only relevant for casinos, where it’s still possible to play slot machines with physical spinning reels. For the most part, however, even most slot machines have gone the video route.

The important part of all this is the idea of multiline play, which is the predominant form of online play. Instead of seeing a single row of three symbols, you’ll see three rows with five symbols each. And every one of these symbols can come into play depending on how much you wager.

You’ll still be trying to match up the symbols to form winning combinations. But the difference in online multiline video slots is that these symbols that match up can come from all over the screen.

They might show up in straight lines, which will be easy to see. But they can also show up in lines that zig-zag up and down across the screen in different formations. As a result, with online multiline video slots, you’ll have more chances to win.

Betting on Multiline Slots

When you settle into an online multiline video slots game, you’ll have a few different choices to make when making your bets. First of all, you have to decide how many lines to bet. And you have to decide how much you want to wager on each line (usually between one and five credits).

Depending on the online multiline video slots game you’re playing, there might be dozens of different lines you can bet. There will be horizontal lines, lines that move up and down from row to row, perhaps even lines that double back across the screen from where they came.

You’ll see a graphic on the screen showing these lines. When you bet, you’ll choose how many you want to play. And you’ll have to decide how much to bet on each you’ve decided to play.

Example Bet

What this means is that the size of your bet can be large in online multiline video slots play. Let’s say you’re playing a nickel game but want to bet on 10 lines at five coins per line. That means you’re betting 25 cents on every line (5 times .05) for a total of $2.50 on each spin (10 times .25).

Of course, betting on a line means that you can win if the right combination comes up. As a result, the more you bet with online multiline video slots, the more you can win.

Advantages of Online Multiline Video Slots

Playing online multiline video slots can be a bit confusing for newcomers. But there are advantages to be had in choosing these types of games. Take a look at some of those advantages.

More Chances to Win Real Money

Multiline SlotsImagine that you’ve bet on several lines during a spin of online multiline video slots. You activate the spin and see many beneficial symbols showing up in different parts of the screen. If you only bet on a few lines, it’s possible that some of those symbols might not connect to form winners.

But upping your bet in online multiline video slots put many more possibilities for wins into play. You can win several times per spin, sometimes differing amounts depending on the different combinations being formed.

As you might imagine, this is the kind of action that multiline action can bring that really isn’t a possibility in a single-line game.

More Excitement

We don’t mean to keep knocking single-line slot play. It’s just that it is severely lacking in terms of excitement when you compare it to online multiline video slots. Getting a spin that gives you multiple winning lines is a huge thrill.

In addition, the possibility of playing many lines at a time increases the chances that you won’t come up entirely empty when making a spin. Online multiline video slots play really rewards those who want to take chances and up their bet, because those players are more likely to come away with some kind of return on their spins. And having successful spins makes slot machine play much more fun and makes long-term play more enjoyable.

Slots Bonuses and Rewards

In addition to speeding up the pace of basic play, online multiline video slots can also offer you extra features that single-line play can’t hope to match. You might end up with free spins, which allow you to amass winnings with no risk. Or you could earn multipliers which, as the name suggests, multiply any winnings you might achieve.

Because of the technical possibilities of online multiline video slots, extra features are being added all the time to create new and exciting games.

That also adds to the variety of online slots games available to you.

This variety ensures a fresh experience with every real money slots game that you try.

Choosing Your Favorite Online Multiline Video Slots Game

As we just said, the variety you have at your disposal is one of the positive characteristics of multiline video slots in the online format. But that also means you have to make a choice of what game you want to play at the best gambling websites. This can be a bit overwhelming at times when faced with the large number of possibilities.

That’s why you should go into online multiline video slots play with an idea of what you’re looking for out of gameplay. If you can define what’s important to you, you can narrow down the field. Here are some of the factors you should take into consideration.

Potential Slots Jackpots

For some people, the main draw of playing online slots is the chance to win a lot of money in a short span of time. In that respect, online slots play actually outranks certain games whose overall payback percentage might be a bit higher but require more of a grind for you to reach that level. If you like jackpot-style payback, you should be looking for online multiline video slots that provide that for you.

The games that offer the most betting lines will also give you the chance to win more in a single spin. Another way to spot online multiline video slots games that can pay back a lot in a hurry is to look for those offering progressive jackpots. These are jackpots which rise the longer they aren’t hit by players all playing the same game.

Online Slots Payback Percentage

Payback percentage is the bottom line of the real money online gambling world. It essentially lets you know how much a given game is expected to pay you back, on average, compared to what you bet. In terms of online multiline video slots, comparing different slots games based on payback percentage is a good idea for long-term players to profit off playing slots.

In the short-term, luck will dictate how well you do when playing a certain online slots game in multiline form. But over the long haul, the payback percentage will eventually take over from luck as the determining factor. Ideally, the payback percentage should be as close to 100% as possible.

Simplicity and Fun

Multiline SlotsIf you’re not as serious about your online slots play as others, you might not get too worked up over payback percentage or jackpot possibilities. Instead, you might be more concerned about finding the online multiline video slots that are most enjoyable to you. After all, you’ll want to have fun playing the slots game, win or lose.

You might be more interested in playing games that are simple to understand so that you can know exactly why you’re winning or losing. Or you might want to find an online multiline video slots with cool graphics or fun sound effects. The good news is that there are so many choices out there, you’re likely to find the multiline slots game that suits you best.

Multiline Video Slots FAQ

  • Will an Online Slots Game With More Betting Lines Available Pay More Than One With Less?

    If you’re betting more lines, chances are you’ll have the chance of winning more on a single spin than if you were betting less. As a result, the games with the most lines available to you raise your potential, single-spin payback to its highest level (while also raising the volatility).

    But you have to realize that you’ll be betting more. Payback percentage generally has nothing to do with how many lines are available in an online multiline video slots game. It’s based simply on the pay table and the chances that winning spins will appear.

  • Is There Any Special Strategy Involved With Online Multiline Video Slots?

    For the most part, strategy never really comes into play when you’re playing an online slots game. You’re results will be based on nothing more than sheer luck. Without any choices to make once you spin the reels, winning and losing will all depend on the results of the random number generator within the software.

  • What Is the Best Bet Size for Online Multiline Video Slots?

    It’s possible that some multiline slots games will feature a better payback percentage for higher bets, which you’ll be able to see on the pay table. You might also find that certain special features are only unlocked with higher bets. If any of these conditions are in place, you should bet as much per line as allowed.

    For the most part, however, payback in online multiline video slots is proportional. In other words, if a certain winning spin pays back 10 coins for one-coin bet, it will be paid 20 coins for a two-coin bet, 30 coins for a three-coin bet, and so on. A higher bet won’t increase your payback percentage in games like these.

Conclusion on Multiline Video Slot Games

Online multiline video slots represent the evolution of slot machines into the modern, high-stakes, fast-paced gambling era. We hope that this article helps you understand them a little better.