Mobile Slots – Play Mobile Compatible Slots

With the enormous popularity and adoption rates of mobile devices in todays society, it’s no wonder that a lot of players are looking to play mobile compatible slots. The good news is that almost all of the major software providers do offer mobile versions of their games, allowing you to easily access popular slots games directly from your phone or tablet, for both free play and real money.

Unlike a lot of the popular slots apps, most mobile friendly online casinos don’t require you to download anything to your device and you can simply play directly within your browser. This is because these sites use mobile responsive or adaptive designs that automatically resize for your device creating a fluid and intuitive user interface where you can play their games.

All you need to do to enjoy mobile slots is visit your chosen casino from your phone or tablet and then register an account and make a deposit for real money just like on your desktop. After that, whenever you want to play simply visit the site and log into your account, it’s super easy.

Slots By Device Type

While mobile slots are quite prevalent these days, not every casino is setup to handle mobile players and some are only compatible with certain devices. Below we’ve provided a detailed overview by device which shows you exactly how you can play using a range of options.

Android Slots – The popular operating system from Google, Android phone and tablets are compatible with a ton of different slot games, either through website play or download apps.

Apple iPad Slots – The most popular tablet ever to be created, iPad could be the best device for playing online slots since it has a larger screen and offers a great landscape view. Since this is one of the most popular devices, almost all casinos offer games that are compatible with iPads.

Apple iPhone Slots – Another hugely popular option is using your iPhone to play slots and again since this is one of the best selling phones or all time, sites usually have an iPhone friendly website.

Apple iPod Touch Slots – iPod Touch is typically a popular device for listening to music and browsing on the go, but there are some casinos that offer iPod Touch compatible slot games.

Blackberry Slots – Although it’s not the most popular device for playing games online, there are some operators that offer Blackberry compatible games to players. If you have a choice of another device over Blackberry, we’d recommend using that for a betting playing experience.

Kindle Slots – Kindle from Amazon is an e-book reader but new developments on the device allow for browsing and you can now play online slots on Kindle at a number of popular sites.

Nokia Slots – One the largest mobile phone developers in the world, Nokia makes a ton of different smart phones that can be used to play hundreds of different slot games online.

Windows Phone Slots – Windows operated smart phones have gained a lot of traction in the last few years and can be used easily at mobile compatible casino sites for playing games.

Smart Watch Slots – Although they are still a relatively new technology, some operators now offer smart watch slots for both free and real money play. Popular smart watches include the iWatch from Apple, Sony, Pebble, LG and others, and even though they are small slot games are being developed for them.

Mobile Vs. Non-Mobile Slots – How Does It Work?

Before the advent of HTML5 most online slots games were developed entirely in Flash which was not compatible with any of the new devices on the market. This created the need for developers to start re-building and developing new games entirely in HTML5 which easily adapts to the different screen sizes found on mobile phones and tablets.

With the trend in the industry today moving towards a mobile-first mentality, almost all of the new slots games are now built with some form of HTML5 ensuring that operators will be able to offer a fluid multi-device experience to their players. This is great new for players since you can now access your favourite casino on your desktop, tablet or on the go with your mobile phone.

Another question that a lot of players have is what’s the difference between mobile vs. non-mobile play in terms of signing up and playing. The answer is pretty simple, there generally is no difference except how you access the site. Once you’ve created an account, you would simply navigate to the site and login from whatever device you want and start playing.

The only major limitation of mobile casino slots over desktop versions is that sometimes the site won’t have as many games as it does on the desktop site. This is because they may not have converted all the games to mobile friendly, however as we mentioned this trend is changing.

Overall, the market is quickly adapting to the needs of players and there are a ton of excellent options when it comes to playing slots from a mobile device or tablet.