Highest Payout Online Slots

The highest payout slots that you can find online should loom large in your search for the best online gambling selection. You should really be looking for high-quality slots if you plan on becoming a long-term online player. And you should develop the right tools to find these games when you need new online slots to play.

Big Win Slots on LaptopOnline slots are growing in popularity, with gamblers understanding the convenience and fun of using their computers and smart devices. Just as casino gamblers look for the loosest (highest-paying) spots, so too do online gamblers look for the games that will pay them back the most.

This can be a difficult process at times. But making the effort to find the highest payout slots will pay off in the long run. That’s why you should find out how to do the research and what metrics can be used to find these beneficial online games.

In the following article, we’ll tell you what you need to know about the highest payout slots. We’ll show you what you should be looking for when you go to seek out the most lucrative slots. Then, we’ll answer all the most pressing questions about the search for high-paying online slots.

Understanding Slots Payback Percentage

The best way to spot the highest payout online slots is if you can find out what each game’s payback percentage is. You might also see payout percentage called return to player, or RTP. Those two terms are interchangeable.

Money and Percent SignPayback percentage is a calculation which shows how much of your payback will still be intact after playing a certain slot machine. It’s an average, which means it won’t necessarily predict your results in the short term, because luck will be a factor. But after playing a specific online slots game for a long period of time, your results should resemble what the payback percentage suggests.

How it Works

Imagine that you come upon an online slots game that has a payback percentage listed at 97%. And let’s say that you plan to bet $10,000 of your bankroll playing that game. At the end of that time, your bankroll could be expected to have $9,700 remaining (10,000 times .97).

That also means that you could be expected to suffer a $300 loss. Don’t be alarmed by this. The vast majority of casino and online gambling games possess a house edge, which means that the establishment offering the game has the advantage.

Ideally, you should try to find an online slots game with payback percentage as close as possible to 100%. Depending on where you search, online slots usually pay back between 90% and 99%.

Knowing About Online Slot Variance

The other thing you should consider when seeking out the highest payout slots is variance. Sometimes called volatility, variance measures the expected swings between wins and losses that you might experience when playing a certain online slots game. A high variance slots game can lead to big wins and severe losses all in the span of a single session.

Why does this matter if the payback percentage determines what you can expect from the eventual outcome? Well, variance should factor into the bankroll that you establish.

If you’re playing a high-variance online slots game, you should try to put together a bankroll that is large enough to withstand any big slumps. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing your entire bankroll before your luck can turn and you get some of the big wins to approach the eventual payback percentage.

How to Find the Highest Payout Slots Online

Doing Your Research

There’s no quick fix for determining the payback percentage of a certain online slot on your own. While online slots machines do advertise what you can expect in terms of payback, there’s no way to know how often winning spins might appear. As such, you can’t look at a pay table and calculate payback percentage in the same way you could online video poker.

To find the highest payout slots, you simply have to do your research. That means scouring different websites to see if they possess information on high-paying slots. Then, you can compare one online slots game against another to make sure you’re getting the best possible payback from your game.

Resources to Use

When doing your research on the highest payout slots, it’s a good idea to find neutral sites to get the best information. By that, we mean sites which have no vested interest in publishing information that’s skewed towards a certain slots game or its manufacturer. They are simply publishing factual information to the benefit of online gamblers.

The other way to ensure a great experience with online slots is to look at sites that rank the finest online casinos. It stands to reason that the best sites offer the highest-paying games.

And they’ll also generally offer the best overall experience, which can be just as important as finding a lucrative real money online slots game.

Difficulty in Finding Information

As we said above, there’s no way to calculate on your own what the highest payout slots are based simply on pay table information. It all depends on how the software of the online slots game is set up in terms of the frequency of winning reel spins. And that means you have to depend on borrowed information, in a way.

Because websites can change the settings at their discretion, it can be difficult to tell if information about the highest payout slots is accurate, even if you’re getting it from a reliable source. The best you can do is try to cross-check sources as often as possible to see if there are any discrepancies. But you sometimes have to go into an online slots game realizing that you’ll be dealing with some unknowns.

Methods of Online Slots Improving Payback

Because of the nature of online slots, there’s no specific way to play the game in terms of spinning the reels that will improve your payback. Whether you win or lose each spin is completely based on luck. But there are certain tactics you can use in setting up your game to help ensure that the highest payout slots do indeed prove lucrative for you.

Adjusting Your Online Slots Bankroll

Dollar SignThis is based on the variance of online slots games. You can’t expect to do much winning in online slots if you don’t provide yourself with enough of a bankroll to start. Otherwise, you could find yourself with zero coins before you even win.

It’s also important to be sensible about your online slots bankroll. You should only fund it with enough money that you would feel comfortable losing. If you find yourself constantly replenishing that bankroll, it could lead to financial problems.

Quitting When You’re Ahead

This takes discipline, but it’s a great way to maximize the effect of the highest payout slots online. If you find yourself in a session, perhaps in a multiline slot game, where you jump out to a quick profit, you should consider shutting down your computer and quitting. Doing this will ensure that you don’t give the money that you’ve won back to the game.

Remember that the house edge will be in place for any online slots game that you play, even the highest payout slots. As such, you have to expect that any good luck you’re having will even out in time. That’s why pocketing your profits can be the best method of walking away from your online slots game in the black.

Taking Advantage of Online Slots Bonuses

This is something that novice players often overlook, but it’s a great way to embellish the payback of the highest payout online slots.

The best online casinos will aggressively court you with all kinds of real money bonuses.

They might include deposits for initial bonuses, perks for playing often, or maybe free spins when you reload your gambling account.

Anything that you get from a gambling website for free will boost your payback. You just have to make sure to understand any restrictions in place with these bonuses. Reliable online casinos will be upfront about the perks you’re eligible to receive for any slots game you might play at their site.

Highest Payout Slots FAQ

  • Will the Highest Payout Slots That I Can Find Online Guarantee Me a Long-Term Profit?

    It would be difficult to expect a profit from playing even the most lucrative online slots. Ideally, you can find ones that have payback percentages that come in above 99%. With a house edge that low, you might have a shot to make a long-term profit when you also factor in potential perks from gambling websites.

    In reality, however, it might be difficult for all of these factors to fall into place. With online slots, you should think in terms of scoring potential short-term significant payouts and taking profit when and where you can. It’s unlikely to play even the highest payout slots and come out as a long-term winner.

  • If Slots Are All Luck, How Can Online Slots Offer More Payback Than Another?

    The pay tables, which show how much you can win for any given combination, are different for each game. That will affect the payback percentage. You’ll see many different pay table structures as you search for different online slots games.

    In addition, how the different gambling websites set up the reels will affect payback. Some games might be set to be “tight,” which means they won’t offer many different spins. As we said above, this is the unknown factor in trying to find the highest payout slots.

  • What Do Online Slots Pay Back Compared to Other Online Casino Games?

    In the grand scheme of online gambling, slots do not pay back very well. For example, video poker, which is another one-person game, offers many games with payback over 99%, a threshold rarely reached by online slots games. And standard blackjack usually comes in with a very low house edge as well.

    In terms of online slots, the real lure to them is the chance to win big in a hurry. Those other games are more of a grind, for the most part, requiring you to play for a long time to win a lot of money. With online slots, one spin can earn you a giant score.

Conclusion on High Paying Online Slots

We hope that you have all the information you need to find the highest payout slots for online play. Understanding how to conduct this search will really make a difference in your online slots results.