Online Roulette Tips

Learning online roulette tips can make the game much more enjoyable for you. In addition, you can learn the ways to play the game so that you can make the maximum return from what you put into it. Once you know these tips, you can tackle online roulette play with confidence.

Roulette Tips IconOnline roulette gives you an ideal simulation of actual roulette play within the comfort of your home or wherever you have a connected device. As is the case with any form of gambling, it’s always a good idea to go into the gameplay with as much knowledge about the game as possible. To that end, we’re here to help you out with some online roulette tips.

These tips will show you how to handle the online aspect of play in terms of getting yourself to a gambling website and setting up. And they’ll also include a look at how roulette is actually played. Hopefully, by the end of the article, you’ll have an excellent foundation for your future online roulette play.

Understanding Online Roulette Gameplay

Our online roulette tips begin with a look at what you need to know in terms of gameplay. Online roulette resembles casino play in that you’ll be betting on numbers on a board. A roulette wheel is spun with a ball inside, and if the ball lands in one of the spaces covered by your bets, you win.

Obviously, online roulette is a simulation of the actual casino experience. But gameplay is pretty much the same. Since that’s the case, here are some tips you need to remember.

Choosing European Over American Roulette

European Roulette features numbers 1 through 36 on the board, 18 of which are red, 18 of which are black, and one green zero. American Roulette has the same configuration, only it includes two green spaces, one for zero and one for double-zero.

What this means is that the changes of guessing the right number is lesser on the American board. And there is also one more space where all even-money bets are lost, since the green spaces are known as “house” spaces. Hence, the European version of the game is always preferable when it comes to choosing between the two main types of online roulette.

In standard American online roulette, the house edge sits at 5.3%. That number drops to 2.7% in the European version of the game. If you want to win the most money over the long haul, European Roulette is the way to go.

Finding Games With Imprisonment or Surrender Options

You can lower the online roulette house edge, no matter which version you’re playing, if you can find imprisonment or surrender options available. In standard roulette, you would automatically lose one of the even-money bets on the board, such as odd/even or red/black, if the ball lands in one of the green spaces. But surrender and imprisonment, even though they sound ominous, actually give players some relief.

When an online roulette game allows imprisonment, you won’t lose your even-money bet immediately if the ball lands in a green space. Instead, the bet stays in place, or “in prison,” until the next spin. You could get the bet back if the next spin lands on whatever side of the even-money bet you covered, thus, giving you a chance to get out of prison and avoid a loss.

Surrender comes into play in the same scenario, but it gives a different kind of betting relief. In this case, you would only lose half your original even-money bet if the ball lands on a green space instead of all of it. This lessens the loss for you on those “house” spins.

Knowing How the Roulette Spins Work

One of the common misconceptions about roulette play is that gamblers think that they can somehow guess with any accuracy where the ball will land on specific spins. In terms of roulette wheels in casinos, they sometimes believe that they can tell based on previous spins. A so-called wheel bias gives them the edge, or so they claim.

Roulette Wheel and ChipEven if that’s the case in casino roulette (and that’s iffy), there is no possible way for you to guess what’s going to happen in an online roulette spin. Without any actual spin of the wheel, the results of online roulette are determined by a random number generator inside the software. It’s a similar process to how other online games like video poker or blackjack work.

What that means is that no number on an online roulette board is ever “due” and no pattern can ever really form. Every spin is completely independent and the chances of the ball landing in a specific space never change. Knowing this will prevent you from following foolish notions or forming unrealistic expectations about online roulette.

You can find even more tips in our online roulette blog section.

Betting for Online Roulette Success

When you play online roulette, you don’t really have any control over the outcome of a spin. But you can control how much you wager and how you choose to spread out your bets on the board. Here are some tips related to betting on online roulette.

Knowing Your Roulette Table Odds

When you play online roulette, it’s a good idea to understand the bets you have at your disposal. It’s also smart to know how they’re going to pay you back.

For example, if you want to play online roulette for a long time on a small bankroll, you’ll want to choose bets with the highest win percentage. But if you want to go for bigger payoffs, you’ll want to choose the bets with the longest odds. You’ll run more of a risk of losing the bet in exchange for a higher potential payback.

Take a look at the types of bets available in online roulette and how much you can expect to win from each:

  • Single number (straight-up): 35 to 1
  • Two numbers (split): 17 to 1
  • Three numbers (street): 11 to 1
  • Four numbers (corner): 8 to 1
  • Five numbers (basket): 6 to 1
  • Six numbers (six line): 5 to 1
  • 12 numbers (columns, dozen): 2 to 1
  • 18 numbers (odd, even, red, black, 1 to 18, 19 to 36): 1 to 1

Choosing the Size of Your Bet

Knowing the odds and payback like you now do, you can start to plot out your bets according to the budget that you have. If you are planning on betting the low-risk, low-reward bets, you might be able to bet a little bit more per spin. You can get away with that because these are low-volatility bets.

On the other hand, you might want to lower the size of your bets if you plan on going for some of the high-risk, high-reward options. It will allow you to withstand the potentially long stretches of going without a winning spin. If you win early and want to raise your bets, you can always do that.

Avoiding Roulette Betting Systems

When you begin playing online roulette and doing a little researching, you’ll likely discover many different betting systems that are being advertised as helpful to you. In truth, you won’t be able to change your potential winning percentage in any way with these systems.

No matter what they promise, they won’t fundamentally change your odds of winning in any way, since the roulette wheel itself doesn’t change.

If you find a betting system that you like because it fits your budget and tolerance for risk well, don’t hesitate to use it. Just don’t use it with the expectation that it’s going to change your results in any way. As we said, the odds don’t change no matter how you allocate your wagers.

Choosing a Reliable Online Casino for Roulette

If you focus too much on choosing an online roulette game with specific rules and promised payback, you might overlook the importance of the website offering the game. If the site isn’t reliable and responsible, the overall experience might overwhelm any other advantages you thought you had. Take a look at some important considerations to make when choosing an online roulette website.

Knowing the Key Factors of a Safe Online Casino

When you’re choosing a website for online roulette, you should realize that all of the top gambling websites generally share the same characteristics. You can narrow them down to these six:

  • Juicy gambling bonuses
  • Excellent customer service
  • Reliable deposit and withdrawal guidelines
  • Various funding options
  • Top-notch variety of games
  • Mobile betting capability

Checking for Your Favorite Roulette Game

Ideally, you can combine a top gambling website with an advantageous online roulette game. For example, if you can somehow find a site where there is European Roulette available with imprisonment or surrender rules in place, you’d be in ideal situation. You’d be looking at a low house edge and a reliable website.

There might be cases where you have to make tradeoffs. For example, you might willingly choose a game without surrender or imprisonment if you know that you’re going to be in the hands of a good website. Just don’t overlook the importance of the site.

Doing Your Research

It’s easy to get deceived by a gambling website making big promises. Or you can also be so excited to get started with online roulette that you just pick the first website that offers it. In other cases, you might really regret not doing your homework in choosing a gambling website.

It really doesn’t take too much time to get it right, since there are resources like our online casino reviews to help you out. The benefits that you’ll reap from this research will pay off in the long run. And you’ll be assured of a smooth, enjoyable experience playing online roulette.

Playing Roulette Online FAQ

  • Which Bets Are Better for Me: High Risk-High Reward or Low Risk-Low Reward?

    The ingenious thing about online roulette is that it is set up so that each type of bet pretty much brings back the same expected return over the long haul. How you get to that return is where they differ. Variance levels differ depending upon expected win percentage and size of payback.

    As a result, it’s not a matter of better or worse. It’s more about picking the bets that suit what you’re trying to accomplish. Once you figure that out, you can choose the bets that are right for you.

  • Are There Any Bets That I Should Avoid When Playing Online Roulette?

    If you’re playing the American version of roulette, there is a bet known as a basket. You bet on numbers 00, 0, 1, 2 and 3. And you get paid back 6 to 1 if you win.

    Unfortunately, this is the one bet which features a lower expected payback than all the others on the board. If you make this bet, you’ll essentially be short-changing yourself in the long run. As a result, you should avoid it in favor of other bets on the board.

  • Is Online Roulette Played at the Same Pace as Casino Roulette?

    That’s actually entirely up to you. When you’re playing in a casino, it’s up to the croupier to get all the wagers in and spin the wheel. But when playing online, you’re the only player and you activate the spin when you get your wagers settled.

    As a result, you can play online roulette at whatever pace you choose. It’s one of the great conveniences of playing the game. And it’s the reason why many players prefer it over the casino version.


We hope that these tips help you to become a more knowledgeable online roulette player. After all, the players who know the most tend to do the best. And that should always be your gambling goal, no matter the game.